FAQs for parents of new Year 7 students

FAQs for parents of new Year 7 students


Who do I contact if my child has forgotten something for the day?

If it’s before the start of the school day, contact your child’s form tutor (see email addresses for all form tutors). They can give a note to explain the situation or email the teachers it affects in advance. If it’s during the course of the day, please contact Student Support (call 01926 493805 and select option 2). They can send notes out to students and teachers. If you’re able to drop the item off, please do so at Upper School Reception. They will send a note asking your child to collect the item.

Where do I find contact details for teachers?

There’s a list of all staff and their contact details on our website: Staff by department.

Who do I contact if there is a change in home circumstances?

In the first instance please contact your child’s form tutor (see email addresses for all form tutors). If it’s something that is more serious, please contact your child’s Head of House. If you’ve moved house or changed contact details, please email [email protected].

Attendance and punctuality

What do I do if my child is ill?

If your child is poorly before school, please contact the school on 01926 493805. There is a recorded message. Please select option 1 for the absence line. Please select this. This will take you to an answer phone where you need to leave your full name, your child’s full name and a reason for the absence.

What if my child has a doctor’s/dentist appointment?

Please email your child’s form tutor in advance where possible (see email addresses for all form tutors). They can then notify Student Support and the class teacher it will affect. Alternatively, give your child a note to show to their class teacher and Student Support. They will not be able to leave school without this, so please make sure they have it on the day of the appointment.

What should I do if my child is late for school?

Give them a note to explain the reason or call reception on 01926 493805 to get a message to the tutor. Without a note, they will be placed in a late detention during break time.


Where do they store their bikes?

We have a number of bike sheds around the school. They are located by the school gates and on the back playgrounds. The bikes must be locked up properly and your child must keep the key with them.

How do I find out about the buses?

In the New parents’ booklet on pages 16-17, there is information about the buses that run and who you need to contact in order to set up a bus pass.


Where can I get an update of how my child is getting on?

Contact your child’s form tutor (see email addresses for all form tutors). They can give you an overview of how your child has settled in. For specific subject queries, contact the subject teacher directly (see all staff email addresses) and they will be able to advise you or help with your request. In addition, you will receive correspondence from the school throughout the year giving you a clear indication of how your child is getting on in all subjects regarding effort and progress.

What do I do if I am concerned about the amount of homework?

First contact your child’s form tutor (see email addresses for all form tutors). You will be given their contact details in advance of them starting. The tutor will then be able to discuss with you any concerns you have about homework and help put support in place if needed. They can also liaise with the teaching staff to talk about any issues that are going on.


Who do I speak to if I have concerns about my child’s wellbeing?

Contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance (see email addresses for all form tutors). They are trained to support children with their day-to-day wellbeing. If you have more serious concerns, please contact your child’s Head of House or the Student Support team (call 01926 493805 and select option 2).

How will my child be supported during the first few weeks of secondary school?

There is a full support plan in place for all Year 7 students. They will have extended time with their form tutor to discuss the day ahead. The timetable is also adapted slightly to give them early access to lunch and an early finish to the day so they can get used to getting their bus or bike. Staff are all trained and on hand to support the students in their first weeks at Myton.

Uniform, hairstyles, phones and school equipment

Where do I get the uniform from?

Stitch Tech is the company we use to supply the Myton uniform All the information is on our website: Myton School uniform. Please be aware that you can either buy online or by appointment only during summer 2020 to ensure social distancing.

Do you sell second-hand uniform?

Our PTA – the Friends of Myton School – run a pre-loved uniform shop. The details are on the Uniform page of the website.

What are the rules about hairstyles?

Hair must be neat and of a natural colour. It should not be excessively short (at least a grade 2).

Can you use your phone in school?

Mobile phones (and headphones) must be switched off and put away at the first bell in the morning and not seen or heard until after the last bell in the afternoon.

What equipment will they need in their first week?

Please send your child in with pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers and a calculator. All other equipment will be provided.

Will they need their PE kit on the first day?

No, they won’t need their kit for the first PE lesson.

Do students get allocated a locker?

Year 7 students do get the option of having a locker. This is usually launched a few weeks into term. There is a £5 deposit which you will get back at the end of Year 11 when you return the key. Some students chose to share lockers with a friend. We will send out all the information about lockers during the autumn term.


What food is provided during the day and how do I pay for it?

The school canteen is open before school and during break and lunch time. We serve a range of hot and cold food, drinks and snacks. We also have two outdoor kiosks for quick food such as a pizza slice or sausage roll. The system is cashless and uses the students’ finger prints. This is all sorted out on their first day at Myton so they are ready to go. You need to top up your child’s money on ParentPay. You should have received information about this in the starter pack. If you have any questions, please contact our Finance Team on [email protected].

When will ParentPay be set up?

We’ll send you information about ParentPay and how to set up an account the week beginning 17 August. This will mean you can load money onto your ParentPay account during the summer holidays before the start of the new term.

How do I know what they have purchased?

Log onto your ParentPay account. This will show you the breakdown of items purchased.

How can I stop them from spending money on items they shouldn’t be?

Please contact our Finance Team on [email protected] to put a daily limit on their spending. The canteen can also put in controls to stop them purchasing certain items.


What clubs will be running in September?

We’re keen to get all our extra-curricular clubs up and running as soon as possible but we’ll have to wait to see what the guidance is in September regarding contact sports. You can see the kinds of clubs that normally run on the Clubs page of the website.

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