Wider Curriculum Offer

At Myton we believe creating good citizens is key to enabling our Sixth Form to move into the world post 18 ready for life’s challenges. Our wider enrichment curriculum can be found here. The curriculum offer follows three strands:

As part of our wider Sixth Form offer, students can take part in a range of activities to support additional learning outside the classroom. We encourage students to take Moocs and complete online learning but also offer two additional qualifications to enable students to be more competitive in the marketplace:

Core Maths

Core Maths is a one-year Level 3 qualification studied in addition to other subjects as part of the Year 12 enrichment programme. It is for anyone who wants to build on their GCSE maths skills and apply their knowledge to real-life problems. The course explores maths for personal finance and statistics. It can support students who wish to study A level subjects with a mathematical component including Psychology, Geography, Business or Economics.

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a self-motivated project management course developing skills and independence that carries a maximum of 28 UCAS points. There are several types of EPQ. Students can either: write a research-based report, put on an event, make an artefact, such as a model, or create a piece of art or music.

Additional to Academic Enrichment, we also want to support students to become good citizens so we offer a classroom based PSHE lesson per fortnight as well as a menu of outside speakers and other opportunities including:


Employers, Apprenticeship and HR providers tell us some of the most valuable skills developed by students come from volunteering. As such we expect Year 12 students to take part in 30 hours of volunteering during their time in the Sixth Form due to the numerous benefits involved – benefits both for the volunteer in terms of skills and confidence building and of course benefits for the community that they are helping. We issue Year 12 students with a volunteering logbook early in Year 12 so they can record their hours. 30 hours equates to 1 hour per week across Year 12. Students can volunteer in school supporting younger students, at open events or school evenings or outside of school at locations of their choice. We reward students for their volunteering hours at our end of term awards assemblies.

Work Experience

As part of our Pastoral programme at Sixth Form, all Year 12 students are provided with a week off-timetable to pursue a work experience placement. This is arranged by the student with support from Myton School Sixth Form. Work experience provides students with a perfect insight into working life, allows them to see first-hand what a job entails and can help to influence their future choices. Whatever path they may wish to take after A levels, be it university, an apprenticeship or employment this opportunity will often allow any future application to stand out from the crowd and show a commitment to a particular line of work or study.

On Wednesday afternoons, students are able to pursue a range of options to support wellbeing and fitness.

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