Extended Project Qualification

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is a self-motivated project management course developing skills and independence that carries a maximum of 28 UCAS points.

There are several types of EPQ. Students can either: write a research-based report, put on an event, make an artefact, such as a model, or create a piece of art or music.

All of Year 12 are taught the skills to undertake an EPQ so students have the opportunity to choose their own topic of research for the project. They are then responsible for their own learning and development with guidance from a member of staff who is their supervisor. It is not compulsory for all students to go on to submit an EPQ.

The EPQ inspires and motivates students. Completion of the qualification gives them greater confidence and a sense of achievement. Additionally, it teaches new skills, such as independent research, project management, reflection and self-directed learning.

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