Emailing us

We aim to respond to all email messages within 2-3 working days, or more quickly if at all possible. Please bear in mind when emailing teaching staff that they may have a busy teaching timetable that day and/or may work part-time.


Mr S Meredith  Head of Department
Mr A Green Learning Coordinator
Mrs E Thompson Teacher of Art & Design with Photography
Mr D Lassam-Jones Teacher of Art

Business Studies

Ms S Kirkwood  Head of Business, Economics and Enterprise
Mrs E Foster Second in Dept/Enterprise Co-ordinator
Mrs S Dyson Teacher of Business Studies

Design Technology

Mrs F Ross Head of Department
Mr G Whiting Teacher of Design Technology and second in department
Mr J Batchelor Teacher of DT (RM/Graphics)
Ms S Goswami Teacher of DT (Textiles)


Mrs N Ealden  Head of English
Ms J Stevens Teacher of English & Director of Post-16
Mrs Calvert-Caithness Head of English Boost
Mrs E O’Grady Second in department
Mrs A Meredith Teacher of English and Key Stage 5 Coordinator
Mrs H Johnson Teacher of English
Mrs H Burniston Teacher of English and Key Stage 3 Coordinator
Mr J Heggs Teacher of English
Mrs A Towns Teacher of English
Mrs E Fearn Teacher of English
Miss T Mulligan Teacher of English and English Boost
Ms E Tully Teacher of English
Mrs L De Swardt Teacher of English and Literacy Coordinator
Mrs F Iqbal Teacher of English
Miss L Richardson Teacher of English
Mr J George Teacher of English
Miss A Underwood  Teacher of English
Miss D Cieciora  Teacher of English

Media and Film Studies

Mr J Lowe Head of Media and Film Studies
Mrs A Francis Teacher of English & Media
Ms D Hotten Teacher of Media


Mrs E Wood
Head of Department
Mrs M Hughes Teacher of Geography
Miss A Hawkes Teacher of Geography & SENCo
Miss S Wyatt Teacher of Geography & Head of Year 11
Mr J Hibbard Teacher of Geography & Head of Year 9
Miss H Seymour Teacher of Geography


Mrs N Woodward  Head of Department
Mrs L Reece Teacher of History and Head of Year 8
Miss A Becker Teacher of History and Learning Coordinator
Miss L O’Connor Teacher of History

ICT & Computer Education

Mrs M Buxton Head of Computer Education
Mr K McRoy Teacher of ICT & Computing
Mr S Johnson Teacher of ICT & Computing and Learning Coordinator
Mr R Taylor Teacher of ICT & Computing


Mr A Ealden  Head of Department
Mrs E Atkins Teacher of Mathematics and Assistant Head (Curriculum)
Mrs H Roberts Teacher of Mathematics
Miss L Blackburn Teacher of Mathematics and Second in Department
Miss C Booth Teacher of Mathematics
Mr S Ismail Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs C Mercer Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs H Gunn Teacher of Mathematics and KS3 coordinator
Miss S Patel Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs C Hartley Teacher of Mathematics and KS5 Coordinator
Mr J Flanagan-Jones Teacher of Mathematics
Mr E Pryce Teacher of Mathematics and Numeracy Coordinator
Ms A Haji Teacher of Mathematics

Modern Languages

Mr D Broe Head of Department
Mrs J Millington Teacher of MFL and Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Mr P Stone Teacher of MFL and Head of Year 7
Mrs E Birch (on maternity leave) Second in Department and Teacher of MFL (Spanish with French)
Ms F Santos  Teacher of MFL
Ms E Rose Teacher of MFL
Miss Lara Cores Teacher of MFL (Spanish)
Mrs L Kirton Teacher of Mandarin
Mr N Kajkowski Temporary Teacher of MFL

Performing Arts

Mrs C Stringer  Head of Performing Arts
Miss A Arliss Drama and Theatre Co-ordinator
Ms W Harrisson Music coordinator
Mr W Brice Teacher of Music and Drama

Physical Education

Miss R Cole Head of Department
Mr D Walker Teacher of PE
Mrs J Bayley Teacher of PE and Dance
Mrs J Cross Teacher of PE and Teaching and Learning Lead
Miss T Palmer Teacher of PE
Mr M Aynsley Teacher of PE and Assistant Head
Mr P Buxton Teacher of PE and Learning Coordinator
Mr J Wilson Teacher of PE and Head of Year 10
Miss R Hancock Temporary Teacher of PE with Dance

Politics & Government

Mr M E Sykes  In charge of Politics and Government

Psychology, HSC & Criminology

Miss E Clark  Head of Department
Mrs J Phillips Health and Social Care Coordinator
Miss D Spiller Teacher of Psychology

Religion, Ethics and Philosophy/PSHE/Citizenship

Miss H Jones Head of Department
Mrs C Fairhurst Teacher of RE and second in department
Mr S Jones Teacher of RE and Deputy Head
Mr J Lee Teacher of RE & humanities
Mrs R Bird Teacher of RE and PSHE
Mrs R Loxton Teacher of RE and PSHE
Mr W Whitehouse Teacher of RE, PSHE & humanities


Mrs C Walker Head of Department
Mr J Benjamin Teacher of Science in Head of Physics
Mr C Cannon Teacher of Science & Assistant Head – Director of Data and Assessment
Mrs K Farmer Second in Dept/KS4 Coordinator
Dr J Menezes Teacher of Science and Deputy Head
Mr B Hobbs Teacher of Science & KS3 Coordinator
Mrs K Ben Amor Teacher of Science
Mrs L Stephenson Teacher of Science and Head of Biology
Mrs E Tonry (currently on maternity leave) Teacher of Science
Mrs H Snelson Teacher of Science
Dr A Sarjeant Teacher of Science
Dr J Ronan Teacher of Science
Mr P Wallis Teacher of Science and Head of Chemistry
Mr T Garner Teacher of Science
Miss D Harrington Teacher of Science
Dr S Theaker Teacher of Science
Mr T Garner Teacher of Science and Assistant Head of Sixth Form
Mr W Isaac Teacher of Science
Miss R Clubley Teacher of Science


Mrs K Walkden  In charge of Sociology

LINC (Learning, Inclusion and Nurture Centre)

Miss A Hawkes SENCo
Miss L Cleaver Assistant SENCo
Mrs H Bilkhu LINC Adminstrator

Support Staff

Finance Director Mrs J Burrows
Head’s PA Mrs J Bishop
Clerk to Governors Mr C Craft
Administration Manager Mrs T O’Callaghan
Finance Manager Mrs R Field
HR Manager Mrs L Taylor
IT Network Manager Mr T Brocklehurst
Marketing & Communications Manager Ms B Rendell
Library (LRC) Manager Mrs L Thompson
Facilities Manager/H&S Manager Mr D Seeney
Careers and WRL Coordinator Miss C Durden
Careers Advisor Mr G Coffey
Post-16 Pastoral Support Tutor Mrs J Voss
Sixth Form Manager Mrs C Walkingshaw
Student Welfare Manager Mrs C Haines
Mental Health Lead Mrs H Williams
Behaviour and Engagement Tutor Mr S Humphreys
Inclusion Manager Miss S Montague
Examinations Manager Miss A Morris
Data Manager Miss K Sahota
SIMS Officer Mrs S Ross
Operations and Cover Manager Mrs S Belding
Senior Science Technician Mrs F Gibbs


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