Leadership Team

Head TeacherMr A Perry 
Deputy HeadsMrs L Curtis 
 Mr N Phipps 
Assistant HeadteachersMr M AynsleyBehaviour & Attendance
 Mrs E AtkinsCurriculum
 Ms J StevensDirector of Key Stage 5
 Mrs C WalkerTeaching, Learning & Assessment
 Mrs S WyattPersonal Development
Finance DirectorMrs J Burrows 
SENCoMs S Akram 

Heads of Year

 Year 7 Mr J Hibbard
 Year 8 Mr P Stone
 Year 9 Mrs Y Zahran
 Year 10 Mr J Wilson
 Year 11 Mrs B Bird

Pastoral Leads

 Year 7 Ms K Adkins01926 493805 ext 292
 Year 8 Ms M Andrews01926 493805 ext 235
 Year 9 Miss E Jones01926 493805 ext 288
 Year 10 Miss R Barritt01926 493805 ext 282
 Year 11 Ms D Pretty01926 493805 ext 283



Emailing us


Mr S Meredith Head of
Mr A GreenLearning
Mr D Lassam-JonesTeacher of

Business Studies

Mrs E FosterHead of Business, Economics and
Mrs B BhatoeTeacher of Business Studies and

Design Technology

Mrs A HughesHead of
Mr G WhitingTeacher of Design Technology and second in
Mr R CampbellTeacher of
Miss S BinningTeacher of


Mrs N Ealden Head of
Ms J StevensTeacher of English & Director of
Mrs E O’GradySecond in
Mrs A MeredithTeacher of English and Key Stage 5
Mrs H JohnsonTeacher of
Mrs H BurnistonTeacher of English and Key Stage 3
Mr S AllingtonTeacher of
Mrs A TownsTeacher of English (Sabbatical 2023/4)
Mrs E FearnTeacher of
Ms E TullyTeacher of
Mrs F IqbalTeacher of
Miss L RichardsonTeacher of
Mrs J GodwinTeacher of English and Key Stage 4
Mrs C CollinsTeacher of
Mrs A WestbrookTeacher of
Mrs A FrancisTeacher of
Mr A McRoyTeacher of

Media and Film Studies

Mr J LoweHead of Media and Film
Ms D HottenTeacher of


Mrs E Wood
Head of
Miss S WyattTeacher of Geography & Assistant
Mr J HibbardTeacher of Geography & Head of Year
Miss N HackTeacher of


Mrs N Woodward Head of
Miss L O’ConnorTeacher of
Miss N HartwellTeacher of

ICT & Computer Education

Mrs M BuxtonHead of Computer
Mr S JohnsonTeacher of ICT & Computing and Learning
Mr R TaylorTeacher of ICT &
Mrs L AgarTeacher of ICT &


Mr A Ealden Head of
Mrs E AtkinsTeacher of Mathematics and Assistant Head (Curriculum)
Miss C BoothTeacher of
Mrs C MercerTeacher of
Mrs H GunnSecond in
Miss S PatelKS3
Mrs C HartleyTeacher of Mathematics and KS5
Mr J Flanagan-JonesTeacher of
Mr I BooteTeacher of
Ms A HajiTeacher of
Mrs S WooTeacher of
Mr P McLeishTeacher of

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr D BroeHead of Department
Mrs J MillingtonTeacher of MFL and Assistant Head of Sixth
Mr P StoneTeacher of MFL and Head of Year
Mrs E BirchTeacher of MFL (Spanish with French)
Ms F SantosKS3 Coordinator MFL (temporary)
Ms E RoseTeacher of MFL (Secondment 2023/4)
Mrs S LingardSecond in MFL department (temporary)

Performing Arts

Mrs C Stringer Head of Performing
Miss A ArlissHead of
Mrs R DillonTeacher of
Ms Y ZahranTeacher of Drama & Head of Year
Ms W HarrissonHead of


Mrs E ThompsonHead of

Physical Education

Mr A MawleHead of
Miss R ColeTeacher of
Mrs J CrossTeacher of PE and Teaching & Learning
Miss T PalmerTeacher of
Mr M AynsleyTeacher of PE and Assistant
Mr J WilsonTeacher of PE and Head of Year
Mrs D BengeTeacher of

Politics & Government

Mr M E Sykes In charge of Politics and Government

Psychology and Health & Social Care (HSC)

Miss E Clark Head of
Mrs J PhillipsHead of Health & Social
Miss D SpillerTeacher of

Religion, Ethics and Philosophy/PSHE/Citizenship

Miss H Jones Head of
Mr J LeeTeacher of RE and
Mrs R BirdTeacher of RE and PSHE & Head of Year
Mrs R LoxtonTeacher of RE and
Mr W WhitehouseTeacher of RE, PSHE &
Miss A Razzaq Teacher of RE (KS3) and


Mrs L StephensonHead of
Mr J BenjaminHead of
Mrs K Ben AmorHead of
Mr B HobbsHead of
Mrs K FarmerTeacher of
Mrs E TonryTeacher of
Mrs H SnelsonTeacher of
Dr A SarjeantTeacher of
Dr J RonanTeacher of
Mr G Garnett     Teacher of Science and KS4 
Miss D HarringtonTeacher of Science and KS3
Mr T GarnerTeacher of Science and Assistant Head of Sixth
Mr W IsaacTeacher of
Dr C BennettTeacher of
Mr M HarwoodTeacher of
Mrs Z MarsonTeacher of
Mr M FlavellTeacher of

Sociology & Criminology

Mrs K WalkdenHead of Sociology & Criminology
Mrs C FairhurstTeacher of Sociology & Criminology and Primary Liaison

LINC (Learning, Inclusion and Nurture Centre)

Ms S
Mrs H BilkhuAssistant

Support Staff

Finance DirectorMrs J
Head’s PAMrs J
Clerk to GovernorsMs A
Administration ManagerMrs T O’
Finance ManagerMrs R
Office ManagerMiss J
HR ManagerMrs L
IT Network ManagerMr T
Marketing & Communications AdministratorMiss L
Library (LRC) ManagerMrs L
Facilities Manager/H&S ManagerMr D
Careers AdvisorMrs C
Careers and WRL CoordinatorMiss C
Post-16 Pastoral Support TutorMrs J
Sixth Form ManagerMrs C
Student Welfare ManagerMrs C
LINC Office ManagerMiss S
Inclusion ManagerMiss S
Examinations ManagerMrs K
Data and Processes ManagerMrs T
Data OfficerMiss C
Operations and Cover ManagerMrs S
Senior Science TechnicianMrs F

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