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Planning your future

Students have a variety of choices post 18 and during their time at Sixth Form, and they are supported to make an informed choice about their next steps. We do our best to provide impartial careers advice and encourage students to explore a range of opportunities.

The majority of our students go on to higher education either immediately after Sixth Form or following a gap year/s. Many see higher education as essential for the changing job market but tuition fees and student loans make the economic decision about whether to go to university harder than ever before. For those who do decide that university is for them, the decision of what to study and where is a challenge as there are so many choices.

Finding the right course for you and the right institution are key and research is the name of the game. We invite representatives from universities to speak to students and aim to enable Year 12 students to visit a UCAS fair in the summer of Year 12. Here are some links to help inform choices:

Unifrog – The complete destinations platform


Which? University

Information and advice regarding loans and fees

Student finance login – GOV.UK (

Higher Education is not for everyone and there are lots of opportunities to find apprenticeships and employment which we support at Myton School Sixth Form. The advantage of both these routes is that you can get workplace experience without the debt. However, apprenticeships can take time to find and the process for application and selection can be time consuming. Work experience in Year 12 gives students the chance to sample the workplace first hand. A good place to start research for apprenticeships is:

Unifrog – The complete destinations platform

Find an apprenticeship – GOV.UK (

Not Going To Uni: Apprenticeships & Work Experience in the UK

Some students need time post 18 to think about their choices and gain valuable skills before taking the plunge on a particular route. This may mean a gap year is for them. The key thing about gap years is to plan them and not just leave them to chance. As with all routes, research is key. Here are some organisations that can help:

Gap Year Ideas – What To Do In Your Gap Year | UCAS

Gap Year Travel, Gap Year Programs, Volunteer Work Abroad (

Gap year |



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