Sixth Form Senate

At Myton School we pride ourselves on the wider opportunities available to students to develop as individuals and as team players beyond the classroom. We encourage all students to take part in wider school or community life in some way.

Senate Leadership

Heads of Senate

Ollie S and Emily A


Pavandeep B, George C, Alex E, Samuel W and Imogen N

Senate committees 2021-22

Ball & Leavers Committee

Lucy E, Olivia G, Abigail M, Grace P, Sareena P, Sophie S, Faith T, Paige Udell, Joshua Y-C

Charity Committee

Peter B, Thea H, Holly K, Jessica K, Georgia L-U, Sajni O, Miya S, Jescia T

Environment Committee

Molly B, George C, Hannah C, Molly L, Sam M, Dylan S, Ollie S, Ruben S-K, Kate W

Fundraising Committee

Emily A, Alaya C, Lily E, Jayden H, Isabella J, April L, Imogen M, Isabel S

Integration & Wellbeing Committee

Charlotte B, Pavandeep D, Alex E, Pavneet K, Roma M, Guillaume M, Sarah M, Abby S, Grace T, Samuel W

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