Key Documents & Policies


Admission to Myton School (2023)
Admission to Myton School (2023) Sixth Form

Admission to Myton School (2022)
Admission to Myton School (2022) Sixth Form

Admission to Myton School (2021)
Admission to Myton Sixth Form (2021)

Attendance and Behaviour

Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2018-19

Behaviour Policy 2020

Addendum Myton Behaviour Policy 2020-2021

Home School Agreement 2017-18

Exclusions Policy 2021


Myton School Provider Access Policy 2021

Child protection, safeguarding, anti-bullying and Prevent

Executive Summary of Child protection and safeguarding policy

Child protection and safeguarding policy 2021-22

Child Protection – Important Information

COVID-19 – Annexe to Myton School Child Protection Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy 2021-22

Prevent Statement

ICT Acceptable Use Policy 2019

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy 2021

Access to Education for Children and Young People with Health Needs Policy 2021


Complaints Policy & Procedure 2021

E-safety and privacy

Online Safety Policy 2021

Pupil Parent Privacy Notice 2021-22

Data Protection Policy

Helping Parents with Online Safety


Equality Policy May 2018

Equality Objective 2017-2020

Equality Act


Charging and Remission Policy

Hardship and Pupil Premium

Pupil premium strategy statement Nov 2021

Pupil premium strategy statement Oct 2020

Hardship Policy and claim form 2020-21

Support with funding for School Trips

Relationships and Sex Education

Relationships and Sex Education Policy 2021

Special Educational Needs

SEN Policy and Information Report March 2022

SEND Information Report

School Accessibility and Access Plan

Designated Teacher Policy

Dog Policy

Visits & trips

2019 Off Site Educational Visits Policy


Whistleblowing Policy 2021

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