School Governors play a key role in the leadership of Myton School and work together with staff to make sure that the school provides a challenging and supportive environment for students.

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Chair of Governors: Mrs D Burley

Vice Chair: Mrs J Bessant/Ms S Windrum

Head Teacher: Mr A R Perry





Term of Office

Stepped Down

Committee Chair/Lead

Attendance (2016-17)

Mr Garj Basi Member Elected Parent Governor 1/9/2006 1/9/2014-31/8/2018

FGB: 2/4

Committee: 4/5

Mrs Joanna Bessant Member Elected Parent Governor 1/9/2010 1/9/2014-31/8/2018

Vice Chair of Governors

Lead for Behaviour, Welfare, Safeguarding & Vulnerable Students Committee

FGB: 4/4

Committee: 10/10

Mrs Diane Burley Member Elected Parent Governor 1/9/2006 1/9/2016-31/8/2020 Chair of Governors, Safeguarding Governor

 FGB: 4/4

Committee: 10/12

Mrs Judith Fell Member Governor 1/9/2006 1/9/2016-31/8/2020 Chair of Finance, Personnel and External Committee

 FGB: 4/4

Committee: 9/9

Mr Steve Larke Governor 1/9/2010 1/9/2014-31/8/18 4/6/2018

 FGB: 4/4

Committee: 4/9

Mr David Leigh-Hunt Governor 1999 1/9/2016-31/8/2020 9/7/2018

 FGB: 4/4

Committee: 2/4

Mrs Lesley McWhirter Elected Staff Governor 1/9/2016 1/9/2016-31/8/2020 13/4/2018

 FGB: 4/4

Committee: 4/4

Mr Paul Morley Governor 19/3/2018 19/3/2018-31/8/2022
Mr Steven Nicklin Governor 1993 1/9/2014-31/8/2018 18/2/2018
Mr Andrew Perry Governor  – ex official

 FGB: 4/4

Committee: 12/13

Miss Ekta Punj Governor 2/11/2015 2/11/2015-1/11/2019

 FGB: 3/4

Committee: 5/5

Ms Louise Roberts Elected Parent Governor 17/3/2014 17/3/2014-16/3/2018 9/7/2018

 FGB: 4/4

Committee: 1/3

Professor James Robinson Governor 22/1/2018 22/1/2018-31/8/2022 N/A
Mr Wayne Tooze Governor 18/9/2017 18/9/2017-17/9/2022 Vice Chair of Finance, Personnel and External Committee  N/A
Ms Sarah Windrum  Member Governor 2/11/2015 2/11/2015-1/11/2019

Vice Chair of Governors

Lead for Achievement, Teaching and Learning Committee

 FGB: 3/4

Committee: 7/12

Patron – Mr Matt Western MP

To see a list of Governors’ business interests, please download the Register of Business Interests June 2018

Message from the Chair of Governors – Diane Burley

I became Chair of Governors in 2016 having been part of Myton’s Governing Body since 2006. I also fulfil the statutory role of Safeguarding Lead and have done so for a number of years.

When my eldest son attended Myton I joined FOMS (Friends of Myton School) and did this for several years. I then became a Parent Governor, holding the position of Chair of the Student Welfare Committee and, for three years, Vice Chair. My youngest son now attends the school.

I am a qualified nurse by profession and worked for 14 years in a senior position, working in a complex clinical specialty and managing a large number of staff.

I am passionate about Myton School and enjoy working in collaboration with staff to deliver outstanding, inclusive education to the young people in our community, with a curriculum that can evolve and is fit for purpose.

I aim to ensure that Governors are used according to their skills in order to appropriately support Myton’s leadership team. I believe the Governing Body best achieves the school’s aims through effective stakeholder relationships and by creating the space for the leadership team to use their expertise and professionalism.

Clerk to Governors

Please contact Governors c/o Mrs J Bishop, Clerk to Governors, Myton School, Myton Road, Warwick, CV34 6PJ

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