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Myton School Sixth Form has high standards, and this includes our dress code that is appropriate for a formal working environment. The look of the Myton dress code is ‘smart business’. The vision is that being well dressed promotes a serious approach to study. We expect Sixth Form students to be role models across the school and to set a good example to main school.

The code applies to all students whenever they are on site and should be followed during the exam season as well. Coats should not be worn in lessons. Lanyards must be worn at all times.

Myton School Sixth Form recognises the environmental impact of fast fashion so encourages recycling or upcycling of items to be worn as part of Sixth Form dress code.

A suit is the most suitable outfit for Sixth Form study. For all students this includes:
• A jacket/blazer with trousers/skirt/dress.
• All students must wear a formal jacket. Formal jacket to be worn when circulating around the site but can be removed when in lessons. The jacket can be contrasting fabric to the trousers/skirt/dress.
• Beneath the jacket should be smart blouses/shirts/tops/turtle necks. Blouses/shirts/tops must cover the shoulders and see-through fabrics require a slip or vest beneath.
• Formal trousers/skirts/dress. Skirt length should be no shorter than mid-thigh length.
• Smart jumper (not sweatshirt), cardigan or waistcoats (logos are to be no larger than £2 coin).
• Outdoor wear is not to be worn when inside the buildings.
• Leather/suede/faux leather shoes/boots (no higher than the knee) with a suitable heel. Trainers, flip flops are not suitable. No footwear should be over the knee.
• Ties are optional at Sixth Form.
• Hair colour and piercings should be discreet (no bright colours or distracting styles).
Students must wear a lanyard. This is for safeguarding reasons.
Students not adhering to the dress code nor wearing a lanyard will be given a warning and then a detention if the issue is not rectified.

The Sixth Form team makes the final decision on what is suitable dress code.

Items specifically excluded from the dress code

Jeans/denim, leggings, t-shirts/sweatshirts, shirt dresses, trainers, heavy boots, leather clothing items, shorts of any type, long or short dungarees, low cut tops, caps, hats & beanies, hoodies, spacer earrings, hoop/ring facial piercings.

A printable version of the Sixth Form Dress Code can be found here.


This dress code is with effect from September 2023 for both year groups.

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