LGBT+ Support Group – HERO

HERO is the name of Myton’s LGBT+ support group. All Myton students are welcome to join us. We meet every Wednesday lunchtime in the LRC and each week we have a different topic for discussion. We’ve covered multiple topics including education and emotional support: sharing stories, communicating as a group and supporting one another. It’s evolved very naturally.

Our mission at Myton has been to educate students about LGBT+ and to challenge any homophobic, biphobic or transphobic language we hear around school. We don’t just want to say that’s wrong; we want to say that’s wrong and explain why.

We want LGBT+ to be an intrinsic part of everyday school life, so we’ve made displays about books to read and films to watch. Prompted by HERO, the school has brought in an LGBT+ lanyard which staff can wear to show their support.

Now we’ve even begun sharing everything we have done at Myton with other schools who are interested in developing and supporting an LGBT+ group of their own.

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