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In English we aim to develop a lifelong love of literature. Alongside developing an analytical and inquisitive approach to the English language in the world around them, we aim to empower students as confident readers, writers, speakers and listeners. We cover a range of topics that allow for the study of a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction texts, prose, drama, poetry, and moving image. The topics and texts encourage independence, research, close reading and enquiry whilst giving opportunities to craft and draft writing to build grit and tenacity. We will ensure that students have memorable experiences beyond the classroom which complement the broad English curriculum within the classroom and inspires a love of reading, writing, communicating and learning. 

Key Stage 3

Each scheme of learning is designed to give students a deep understanding of the essential skills for understanding the world around them and to gain access to the next steps of their academic career, focusing on reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Key Stage 4

Each scheme of learning lasts a half or full term and is designed to give students an expert understanding of the necessary skills for both Language and Literature. At the end of each topic students are given the opportunity to complete an exam style question which embeds the skills needed for their GCSE exams at the end of Year 11.

All of our students will be entered for GCSE AQA English Language and Literature at the end of Year 11.

English Curriculum Journey

English Boost Curriculum Journey

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Year 11 Curriculum Overview

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