Ollie S in Year 11 has recently started a petition calling on major technology companies to stop using child labour and modern slavery in their supply chains. He got over 100 signatures in the first week and is keen to share it as widely as possible.

Ollie said: “I recently discovered that some of the world’s biggest technology companies, such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Dell and Tesla use child labour and modern slavery in their supply chains. One particular area I looked into focused on cobalt mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; cobalt is primarily used in the production of batteries, hence why so many companies are involved in this issue.

I have read several reports of injury of some children, either being killed during their work in these unsafe mining conditions, or sustaining serious injuries such as bone fractures. When I discovered this, I was furious that these companies that often charge small fortunes for their products, are exploiting people around the world to make even more profit from their sales.”

You can sign Ollie’s petition here.

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