On Monday this week we were delighted to welcome into school, author Sarah Crossan. Sarah is an English teacher, turned writer who spoke to the students about the enjoyment of poetry and the different ways in which it can be used.

Here’s an account of the visit by Will Parsons in Year 8:

“Sarah Crossan came to Myton shortly after winning the Warwickshire Book Awards. She gave a heartfelt speech about how poetry should be more available and more children should be reading in verse (poems). This talk was both funny and occasionally very sad. Sarah talked about her new book ‘One’ which is about conjoined twins. This was very moving as Sarah recalled how it had taken her months of researching to find a firm lead. At the end she signed books.”

And some observations from some of the other students:

“I didn’t think writers could be so funny.” – Simon Hruska

“She has made me think differently about poetry.” – Akash Bening

apple and rain   weightofwater SarahCrossan 1 SarahCrossan 2

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