You may have seen some of the coverage in the local press about the Alan Sorrell mural at Myton School. The mural was painted by Alan Sorrell in 1953 at what was then Oken School and is now our lower school reception area. Over the years it has been appreciated by students, staff and visitors alike.

As you know, at Myton we try to provide a visually stimulating environment for our staff and students and we have lots of art on display, much of it created by the students in our vibrant and successful art department.

As anyone who has pictures on the wall at home will know, you can stop noticing art if you don’t change it from time to time. It is also true that certain styles of art can go in and out of fashion. To this end, we carry out regular reviews and we may decide to replace, rotate or protect our artistic assets. In addition, buildings are in constant need of repair and redecoration and this is true of school buildings more than most.

In the instance of our lower school reception, which acts as the main student entrance to the school, we felt that the whole area needed to be adapted to create a bright, engaging and stimulating entrance for our students. We worked with the students to develop some new visuals that are modern, eye-catching, hard-wearing and tie in with our school strategy for developing key learning habits. As part of the redecoration of the school buildings over the summer holiday, we carefully covered and protected the Sorrell mural and installed our new artwork over the top on laminated boards.

The mural has never been on public display because of its location inside the school building, however the intention is that it can be uncovered at any future date and displayed again for our whole school community to enjoy.

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