Ten things to do before you start at Myton

Ten things to do before you start at Myton

We asked our Student Council about the best way to prepare for starting at Myton School and they came up with the following 10 things:

  1. Look at the school website and think about what clubs you might like to join.
  2. Read a novel with a high school theme.
  3. Get an eye test (when the opticians re-open).
  4. Plan your evening/morning routine.
  5. Practise your route to school. Use Google maps if you can’t do it for real.
  6. Use the school map to try and learn your way around the school.
  7. Write a letter introducing yourself to your Form Tutor.
  8. Take a photo of yourself in your Myton uniform.
  9. Learn a few phrases in Spanish to impress your languages teacher.
  10. Enjoy your summer!

Why not try to complete as many as possible over the summer.

When you start at Myton you’ll get a wallchart and stickers for our Fifty Things Challenge.

See you in September!

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