Transition work for Year 11 into Year 12

During the taster lessons at our virtual Sixth Form Taster Day on Thursday 24 June, you will have been told what work you need to complete before term starts on Friday 3 September. This work is also listed below.

If you have any queries about the work set, please contact the Head of Department.

Transition work for Myton Sixth Form



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Transition work

Art Mr Meredith – Introduction to Art from Mr Meredith Year 11 to Year 12 Transition Art 2021
Biology Mrs Stephenson – Introduction to Biology from Mrs Stephenson
Business Studies Mrs Kirkwood – Introduction to Business Studies from Mrs Foster
Chemistry Mr Wallis – Introduction to Chemistry from Mr Wallis Transition Pack – A Level Chemistry
Children’s Play, Learning and Development Mrs Phillips – CPLD Summer Work
Computer Science Mr Johnson – Computer Science
Creative Digital Media Production (Digital Games Production) Mr Johnson – DGP 2021 Summer Work
Criminology Mrs Walkden – Introduction to Criminology from Mrs Walkden Criminology summer work 2021
Drama Mrs Stringer – Introduction to Drama from Mrs Stringer
Economics Mrs Kirkwood – Introduction to Economics from Mrs Kirkwood
English Language & Literature Mrs  Meredith – Introduction to English Language & Literature from Mrs O’Grady
English Literature Mrs  Meredith – Introduction to English Literature from Mrs Meredith
Environmental Science Mrs Hughes – Introduction to Environmental Science from Mrs Hughes Please contact Mrs Hughes for your summer work.
Film Studies Ms Hotten – Film Studies
Forensic & Criminal Investigation Mr Garner – Introduction to Forensic Investigation from Mr Garner Summer Forensic Science Project
French Mrs Millington – Introduction to French from Mrs Millington Transition 11 to 12 French 2021
Geography Mrs Hughes – Introduction to Geography from Mrs Hughes
Health & Social Care Mrs Phillips – Health and Social Care Summer Induction 2021
History Mrs Woodward –
Information Technology Mrs Buxton – IT Summer Work
Linguistics Mrs Ealden – Introduction to Linguistics from Mrs Johnson
  • Activities Pack_for teams
  • Linguistics A-Level transition work
  • Resource Pack for Activities
Maths and Further Maths Mr Ealden – Introduction to Maths from Mrs Hartley
Media Studies Ms Hotten – Media Studies
Music Ms Harrisson – Introduction to Music from Ms Harrisson
Photography Mrs Thompson – Introduction to Photography by Mrs Thompson Photography Transition 2021
Physical Education Miss Cole – Introduction to PE from Miss Cole Summer work for PE
Physics Mr Benjamin – Introduction to Physics from Mr Benjamin
Politics Mr Sykes –
Product Design Mr Whiting – Product Design Year 11 to 12 Transition 2021 work
Psychology Miss Clark – Introduction to Psychology from Miss Clark Psychology Induction work booklet 2021
Religious Studies (Philosophy, Ethics and Theology) Mrs Collings –
Sociology Mrs Walkden –

Introduction to Sociology from Mrs Fairhurst

Introduction to Sociology from Mrs Walkden

Spanish Mr Broe – Transition Work Spanish Year 11-12 2021

Not going to Sixth Form?

If you’re not planning to go to Myton Sixth Form, Mr Coffey has put together some information and advice for you here: Information for students in Year 11 not intending to go to Myton Sixth Form

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