Sixth Form Application Form


Student Personal Information

Please enter your Full Forename as it appears on your legal documents i.e. Passport, Birth Certificate
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Please enter your Full Surname as it appears on your legal documents i.e. Passport, Birth Certificate
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We request the details below as this is information that we are required to hold on file for all students who enrol with us. This information is held separately to your application and does not form any part of the admission or selection process. This information is only added to your student record when/if you enrol with Myton School Sixth Form.
if known; this may appear on your school reports, attendance reports, assessment result statements etc. issued by your current school or you can request it from your school office. Please leave field blank if not known
The language that you mostly speak at home
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Contact Details

If you want a copy of your application form to be emailed to your parent/carer, please include their email address here.
A copy of your application form will be sent to this email address.
We may contact your Form Tutor for a reference.

Section A - Current Courses

GCSE, BTEC, etc.

Section B - Proposed Sixth Form Courses

Please list courses in order of preference. Choose 3 courses plus 2 reserves. Please note that courses require a minimum number of students in order to run.

Please note if you are choosing to do Further Maths you will need to select Further Maths as two of your options (as this is a two A level course)

Section B - Reserve Choices

Due to the constraints of timetabling or if the uptake of any specific subject is low, the combination of subjects as selected above may not be available. If this were the case, please indicate below 2 other subjects that you would consider.

Section C - Career / Employment Interests

Section D - Student's Personal Statement

Eg: interests, extra-curricular responsibilities, attitude to learning, behaviour, etc.

Section E - About your Application

PLEASE NOTE: Four A Level courses is a significant academic undertaking and is usually suited only to very able/ambitious students (usually predicted at least five grade 7s or above at GCSE). Students taking four subjects will often include students who are opting for Further Maths. Students must be prepared to commit to all four subjects for the full two years. If you answer YES to this question then your selected 1st reserve subject should be the 4th subject you wish to take.
Please state
(Please note this will not affect the decision to offer you a place)
DISCLAIMER The school is registered with the Information Commissioner for holding and processing of personal data. The school has a duty to protect this information and to keep it up to date. The school is required to share some of their data with other agencies including Warwickshire County Council and the Department for Education. Please see the Privacy Notice on our website for full details of how we use and share personal information. Please note that you have the right to withdraw or amend your consent for the sharing of personal information at any time, although we will need to have certain personal information to fulfil our legal duties. You can notify us of a withdrawal of consent or of any changes to your consent in writing by contacting


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