Useful websites  – free, bilingual dictionary that you can access online. Also available as an app. – all the topics, grammar, verbs and vocab you will need for the exam.

BBC Bitesize – Bitesize GCSE – some useful revision tools here to help with French.

Revision documents

Book recommendations

Revise AQA GCSE French Revision Workbook: for the 9-1 exams (Revise AQA GCSE MFL 16)

Covers all the topics. To be used with the Revision Guide. Comes with listening and reading questions. You will need to download a QR code reader to access the recordings (if your phone doesn’t have that function already).  Answers in the back.

Revise AQA GCSE (9-1) French Revision Guide: includes online edition (Revise AQA GCSE MFL 16)

Offers sample questions, key vocabulary and key grammar. Guide that accompanies the workbook. 

Studio AQA GCSE French Grammar and Translation Workbook

Covers all the grammar (including tenses) tenses that you will need to access grades 1-9.

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