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The LRC Shop

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Stationery Price List

Calculators £8.80 (ParentPay payment only)
Memory Sticks 4GB £5.00 (ParentPay payment only)
Rulers 30cm 30p
Rulers 15cm 20p
Pencils 10p
Rubbers 10p
Sharpeners 10p
Biros 20p
Highlighters 20p
Index cards 60p
Pair of compasses 50p
Protractors 20p
Glue sticks 80p
Clear exam pencil cases (small) 50p
Clear exam pencil cases (large) £1
A4 plastic pockets 5p

Photocopying price list

Photocopying  A4 5p

Please note that all prices are subject to change.

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