Flash Fiction Competition

The standard of entries in our Flash Fiction competition was very high indeed and it was extremely difficult for the judging panel to decide. However, the final results are:

Year 11 – Julia Ogrodowicz wins a £10 book token.

Year 9 – 1st prize goes to Grace Jordan who wins a £10 book token and the runner-up is Grace Ring who wins some chocolate.

Year 8 – 1st prize goes to Hannah Chambers who wins a £10 book token and joint runners-up are Ellan Fraser and Heather Dale who win some chocolate.

Year 7 – 1st prize goes to Charlotte Evans (you can read her winning entry below) who wins a £10 book token and the runner-up is Joe Deavall who wins some chocolate.

Prize Draw for Book Loans

The winner of the prize draw is Alex Spurway (L7) who wins a £10 book token.

All winners can collect their prizes from the LRC if they have not already done so.

Best dressed

Winners of best dressed in each house were:

  • Beauchamp – Ellen Fraser
  • Montgomery – Hattie Robinson and runner-up was Charlotte Evans
  • Leycester – Owen Davies and runner-up was Grace Elliot
  • Greville – Julia Orgodowicz (pictured) and runner-up was Chloe Poynter

World Book Day Flash Fiction winner

I had just come to accept my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.

The resound of the evacuation horn filled my ears, rattling my bones, its monstrous melody ringing in my head.

“Evacuate! Do you hear me?” a passenger caterwauled in my ear.

“Abandon ship!”

“Get to the lifeboats!”

“Oh my goodness!”

All of it was a cacophony of panic.

“There’s a fire on board! Into the lifeboats!” the captain yelled over the PA. Without thinking, I hurled myself into the orange vessel; immediately it accelerated. From sheer speed, I was tossed out. All this was a Dover to Calais crossing. How could it have gone so wrong? Succumbing to the current of the briny deep, I was enveloped by the dark abyss. Through the stinging salt water, I descried an unquestionable barnacled hull. Violently, I jerked upwards, elevated by the curling waves. In the seconds my vision was clear, I saw the Queen Mary was moored to a tropical holm. Where am I? When am I?? 

– Charlotte Evans, Year 7, Montgomery House 

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