Many of you will be familiar with Myton’s 50 Things Challenge, devised by Deputy Head, Mr Jones, and introduced to our students two years ago. Here’s what Erin in Year 7 has to say about it:

“One of the opportunities at Myton is the 50 things to do before you leave Myton sticker chart. It consists of 50 challenges and the goal is to try and complete all of them before you leave Myton. Each time you complete a challenge, you put a sticker on the chart and log it on a website called My Stickers. In my opinion the challenges are varied, exciting and enjoyable. I have already completed some like cracking a code. I am definitely going to try and complete them all.”

The 50 Things initiative has proved so popular that Warwickshire County Council were keen to create their own version and extend it to children in other schools.

We’re going to be sharing the Warwickshire Challenge during form time next week for anyone who is keen to give it a go alongside our Myton 50 Things. Any students who wants to do both the Warwickshire Challenge and the 50 Things can tick off the challenges they’ve already completed for Myton on the Warwickshire one too. And any students who are eligible for free school meals can apply for an allowance to help them with the activities.

Find out more on the Warwickshire County Council website.

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