A number of our sixth form students have undertaken training to become Dementia Friends as part of a collaboration between Myton School and local healthcare charity and training provider, Kissing it Better.

The students have written and taken part in a live Zoom quiz and written/read poems to the residents of Priors House Care Home in Leamington. They have marked Valentine’s Day by making Valentines hearts and crafts for Leamington and Warwick Hospitals. They regularly write letters to care home residents and produce bespoke quizzes and word searches for specific hospital/care home residents. Their plans for the future include Pets from Home, a Zoom event where students introduce their pets to care home residents.

Caty Oates from Kissing it Better says: “It has been wonderful to begin working with Myton Sixth Form students. So much has been achieved in lockdown to cheer up older people in hospitals and local care homes. The magic of Kissing it Better is that both old and young generations benefit and can learn from each other. Older people feel valued and young people grow in confidence and develop skills for life. I would like to thank the students involved for their enthusiasm and commitment in such challenging times.”

Jan Voss, our Post-16 Pastoral Support Tutor says: “Volunteering in these times is difficult but we have come up with a number of ways to work remotely with the charity. It is particularly useful for students who are looking at going into medicine or any NHS role.”

If you would like to become involved or have any virtual fundraising ideas/challenges to to buy toiletries for long stay patients in hospital (and help fund other projects) please contact Jan Voss for details voss.j@myton.co.uk.

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