FACT No.4. Did You Know…

…that no contact from home (not hearing from Parents/Carers) when students are absent from school is extremely concerning to us?

No contact from home – means we don’t know where your child is and whether they are safe or not. It is really important that we hear from you on every single day of absence. Absence with no contact from home will be classified as unauthorised by the school.

Increasing days off for illness – we understand that everyone gets sick sometimes but regularly taking days off for illness is a cause for concern. It is best to provide evidence to support absences where possible (appointment cards/prescriptions) so that we can continue to authorise time off. Where possible, you should encourage your child to come to school. A cough, a cold and feeling a bit unwell are unpleasant but not necessarily something we need a day off for.

(FACT no.4 – 13 May 2022)

FACT No.3. Did You Know…

…that ten days of holiday leave each year, equals two whole terms of education missed over a child’s school career!

By missing school your child misses out on learning new skills, support and help, form time fun, school activities, extra curricular clubs, friendships and, of course, opportunities to learn new things.

(FACT No.3 – 6 May 2022)

FACT No. 2. Did You Know…

…that 10 minutes of missed school EVERY DAY = 50 minutes per week? That is one school week per year over 13 school years!

And there are more alarming attendance facts. Did you know that…

  • 20 minutes missed every day = one hour 40 minutes per week which is two full weeks of the school year? Over 13 school years that’s half a school year!
  • 30 minutes of missed school (or late starts) every day = two hours 30 minutes per week. Over the school year that is three weeks off and over 13 school years that is over one year off school!

(FACT No.2 – 25 April 2022)

FACT No.1. Did You Know…

…that 90% attendance at school is equal to one day off each fortnight?!
Attendance matters and at Myton School we expect 96% and over.

We work hard to maintain the regular and punctual attendance of all of students in order to support them in achieving continuous progress and positive outcomes. Click here for more.

(FACT No.1 – 8 April 2022)

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