Next month we’re planning to launch a ’50 things to do before you leave Myton’ challenge with students in Year 7 and 8. We have done a lot of thinking about how the challenge might work and what it should entail and we’d be very grateful for parental feedback.

Our student council have given us some useful thoughts and staff across all departments have also been involved in its development. It is intended that the ’50 things’ challenge will directly influence our programme of extra-curricular activities, trips and visits. For example, including a challenge like ‘visit the Houses of Parliament’ will mean we must run a trip that enables students the opportunity to complete this.

Whilst some students may well complete many of these activities with you at weekends or during holiday times, it is not the case for everyone. We believe that completing these sorts of activities help our children to grow and develop, and we want to use this challenge to try to ensure students complete as many as possible. It will be voluntary and self-directed; no-one will be checking up, monitoring or administering it. Instead, the intention is to provide your children with either a booklet, a wallchart and/or an online option to log the activities they have completed.

Please can I ask you to read the outline of the challenge on our website and let me know your thoughts. I would be delighted to hear from you if you feel there are things I have missed, that are too easy or too difficult, or if you have ideas about ways to present the challenge to students. Please send all feedback directly to me at:

Many thanks.

Simon Jones – Deputy Head

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