We’re delighted to announce that our new Sixth Form Senate has been appointed. Standing for Senate is a great opportunity for personal development and gives students the chance to represent the school and gain some valuable organisation skills.

Our new Heads of Senate are Sophie and Hasan, and their deputies are Matthew, Morgan, Kathryn and Phoebe.

Other members of the Senate are: Amy, Annie, Beth, Kate, Max, Perdita, Sam, Tia, Andrew, Emma, Isabelle, Jeannie, Jessica, Joe, Liv, Elianne, Katy, Logan, Abbie, Carys, Dan, Elinor, Eshan, Isabel, Lara, Abbie, Amrita, Anna, Anthony, Rosie, Thomas, Charlie, Dyllan, Edward, Grace, Jasmine, Owen and Rajun.

Our Senate Support Team are: Jack, Kavinmalar, Jasria, Shereen, Mohadesaeh, Charlie, Sonia, William and Subanu.

Congratulations to all of you! We look forward to taking a celebratory group photo as soon as we can.

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