As you probably know, the road outside school gets incredibly busy, especially at the start and end of the day, and we’re worried about the risk of accidents. We’re making another plea to parents to do the following:

If your child cycles to school please make sure their cycling skills and road awareness are up to scratch, that they know when to stop and look for traffic, that they wear a helmet and don’t wear headphones. Perhaps over the Easter holidays you could go on a bike ride with your child and give them tips on what to do in a busy situation?

If you drive your child to school, please drop them off at the Leamington end of Myton Road (at Homebase or Lidl carpark, for example) and allow them to walk the rest of the way to school. This has the advantage of missing the traffic further along Myton Road. Please don’t block people’s driveways or use the side streets for turning.

If you see any inconsiderate or dangerous parking you can report it on the Warwickshire Police website or contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team on 01926 684361.

Accidents can happen so easily. Please help us keep the roads and pavements around school as safe as possible. Thank you.

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