This week, we asked our Modern Foreign Languages department to nominate those students whose work their teachers feel should be shared and celebrated. We’ve sent electronic postcards home for these students.

Congratulations to Alex S in Year 10 who gets this week’s Head Teacher’s Award for exceptional work.

Year 7 Spanish students

Isabella R because she has submitted great work, especially on the food section, and her work is always well presented.

Shaan S because she has been really good at logging in to SMHW and sending in her work, with an impeccable presentation, demonstrating great care, work ethic and an eagerness to learn Spanish.

Year 8 German students

Zaynab A because she has produced excellent German work for all pieces completed. Mrs Albon is really impressed with her effort and progress during these challenging times. She should be very pleased and proud of herself.

Rohan G because he has not always found German to be the easiest of subjects, however he has shown total commitment to independent online learning and as a result has made outstanding progress. He should really be pleased with his achievements.

Year 8 Spanish students

Diya S because she has produced excellent all round work with good results.

Year 9 French students

Ella B because she has contributed to discussion on type of work and been diligent with output.

Sam M because he has persevered to overcome technical issues and has responded well to a variety of work.

Year 9 German students

Jamie P because he has worked exceptionally hard and as a result has been making really pleasing progress with some very challenging German grammatical rules. He has produced fantastic work on past tense verb formation as well as word order rules. He should feel extremely proud.

Daniel H because he has completed all German work set to a very high standard and he has submitted work immediately. I have been really pleased with his scores and he has shown real commitment to online learning. Well done, Daniel – you have understood German word order and tense formation well.

Year 9 Spanish students

Emily U because she corresponds regularly with completed work and has not missed a single task yet. This focus and reliability is showing huge improvements in her Spanish and will pay off when we return to school!

Guyan T because he has been sending good quality work steadily and punctually.

Year 10 French students


Alex S because her work is littered with excellent French and she included two new tenses which she has learnt since we locked down. She even asked for more work – she just devours it! Fabulous!

Gurliv R because she particularly enjoyed Oak Academy work and used specific terms to improve her written work.

Year 10 German students

Caitlin A because her effort and work have been amazing during these difficult times. If technology has been an issue, she has contacted Mrs Albon immediately asking for the work in some other format. She has worked extremely hard and her scores from all pieces of work have been fantastic. She should feel so proud of herself.

Thomas F because he has been an exceptional student during these challenging times. His work has been submitted well before the deadline times but also to an extremely high standard. In all pieces of work Tom has scored either full marks or scores very close to this. He has fantastic independent learning skills. Mrs Albon is so pleased with his progress and says it is a real pleasure to have him in the German group.

Year 10 Spanish students

Joseph C because not only has he never missed a Spanish assignment, but he has also been keen to make the necessary changes to his work, following feedback. His presentation is always impeccable and the quality of his work of a great standard.

Abigail B because she is a strong linguist who has worked exceptionally hard in some tricky tasks and this has already shown huge improvements in her work and the quality of her Spanish. Great work, Abi!

Year 13 Spanish students

Abbie T because despite having finished the course and officially not having to do any more work, she still sends emails with work and poses very pertinent linguistic doubts in an effort to keep her Spanish going. Her commitment and dedication are a joy to see and will certainly result in success.

Year 13 French students

Ella W because she has never missed a Teams lesson, in fact she is always the first there. Her commitment to French is amazing. Despite intending to study maths at uni, she will still make an incredible effort to maintain her great level of French.

Year 12 German students

Ed M because his German work has been exceptional. He has remembered so much grammar and applied previous rules to pieces of written work during lockdown. Every piece has been completed in good time and he has fantastic grades in all tasks, whether listening, reading or writing. Some of the listening exercises have been quite challenging but Ed never gives up. He should really feel proud of his achievements and I am so impressed with his independent learning skills.

Alice C because she has completed every piece of German work during lockdown and has asked questions if she has been unsure. She even spotted and challenged an incorrect answer in the listening mark scheme – I am pleased to say that she was right! I am so impressed with Alice’s commitment to her studies and her recent scores have been very pleasing indeed. She should feel so proud and it is a real pleasure to have her in the German group.

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