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Archived Weekly News - 10 June 2022

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Head Teacher's Message

Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Carers

I would like to thank the PE department, the wider team and all the competitors who took part in sports day this week.  It was a hot day and despite the questionable efficiency of the ice cream van, the kids remained in good spirits throughout.  What became clear at the event is that as we have moved back into year groups from Houses through the Covid years, the element of competition has been reduced and whilst the students are doing their best to win on the track, the overall House competition has, understandably, taken a back seat.  There are those in education who question the merit of competitive sports among kids but I’m not one of them.  Kids should be praised for stepping up, having a go and trying their best and those who put in the training and push themselves over time deserve their moment to shine, its good for all of them in my opinion.  Of course when it comes to competition between Houses, sports is just one element.  All kids are good at something which we can create some competition around.  One of the most competitive events we host between schools is the maths challenge and that principle can be brought into school and spread throughout the different subjects we teach. (more…)


Footprints – Mother and Baby Support Group

Leamington Helping Hands Community Project have set up a new support group for mums. This mother and child group runs on a Thursday morning 10-12 noon and they offer breakfast and support during their sessions. The group is based at their offices in Leamington in their lovely support room. This group is for any mums currently struggling with low income, mental health issues, DV, isolation issues etc.

For more information call Jo on 01926 768500 or email 

Myton Student stars in Loft Theatre Production

One of our Year 8 students, Lexi, will be taking part in a Loft Theatre production over the summer.  See details below of this exciting project and go along and support Lexi and one our local theatres if you are available.

The Battle of the Big Top 

‘When two young siblings visit the Circus, what they see is not what they were expecting. Set within the vibrant world of a Big Top, we follow their journey as they face the obstacles people encounter when they are forced to co-exist in the same environment. Can the siblings’ help the Ringmasters save their beloved circus or will the acts remain fractured and cause the Circus to topple?’ (more…)

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