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Archived Weekly News - 5 February 2021

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Head Teacher's Message

Head Teacher

Dear Parents & Carers

Our students could be forgiven for assuming their futures are set in stone; with reports referring to a lost generation, and the prediction of £350 billion in lost earnings for them. It seems that the optimism which is slowly taking over the country due to the vaccination programme has not yet leaked into education. I think this is wrong. In fact, I think the whole foundation of these reports and opinions is flawed. I am not going to make light of the last year; most of our kids have spent two terms out of the last three largely at home, and the one term they had in school last autumn was disrupted continuously. However, nor am I going to let any one of our kids here believe that they are helpless victims of circumstance, or that they are destined for a poor deal compared to previous generations. And I’m certainly not going to allow them to believe that what has happened over the last year will prevent them from taking charge of their own futures, or being masters of their own destiny. (more…)



What's on this week

General News

Year 9 get to grips with symbolism

Mrs Johnson’s Year 9 English class have been looking at symbolism and how it can be used in descriptive writing. Each student chose an object – real or imagined – and wrote a piece in which that object becomes a symbol for something else less tangible. Here are a few brilliant examples. (more…)

Year 13 students offered apprenticeships

This is the time of year when many of our Year 13 students are receiving offers of further education and training, and firming up their plans for what comes next after Myton. Over the next few weeks we thought we’d share a selection with you.

This week, congratulations go to Lara H and Chloe W who have both been offered apprenticeships. (more…)

Myton students find out more about new Screen and Film School

On Thursday 11 February our Film and Media students in Years 11-13 attended an online presentation by the new Birmingham Screen and Film School on how to get into the film and TV industry, tips for developing a portfolio and what the new facility in Birmingham has to offer.

Imogen in Year 12, who attended the event said: “It looks great for young filmmakers with no connections in the industry to get noticed and be given really unique opportunities.”

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