IRIS Connect at Myton School

The IRIS equipment is easy to book out and straightforward to set up. It allows teachers to record their lessons and then privately review their practice. All film is completely confidential and is used for Myton staff training purposes only. It cannot be seen by anyone outside of the school (for safeguarding reasons).

IRIS offers the opportunity to reflect on the way we teach in a reflective way, allowing us to focus on specific areas and elements we would like to improve. It is also possible to share the videos with other teachers to discuss aspects of teaching and learning. This provides an excellent opportunity to build a dialogue with others and share ideas. Clips can be edited and specific comments added to the video.

We have a library of videos to share as examples of good practice and hold IRIS live lessons where groups of teachers come together to view, in a separate room, a real ‘live’ lesson. This provides excellent opportunities for collaborative discussion.

If you would like to learn more please contact Tracey Heggs for more information:

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