Timetable of Extra-curricular Clubs 2018-19

  • All music activities, please confirm with Mrs Harrisson.
  • Any questions, please see the teacher leading the activity.
  • Additionally, the LRC is open for homework catch up, quiet place to read, relax from 7.45am to 4.30pm Monday – Thursday and 7.45am to 4.15pm Friday.
  • If you have any interests which are linked to a department area, go and speak to the department – they may be able to help!
  • Sports clubs are all listed on our online sports calendar.








Board Games (LINC)

From 1:30pm


Code Club (C2)

S Johnson


Woodwind Ensemble (Music)

Board Games (LINC)

From 1:30pm


Year 7 Netball (Sports hall)

J Phillips


Yrs 7&8 Table Tennis

(Dance studio/foyer)

E Stephenson


Rock and Pop – form a band



Textiles Club (T3)

S Hussain

Board Games (LINC)

From 1:30pm


Badminton (Sports hall)

R Cole


Maths Club (M5)

H Gunn


Strings Group



Vocal Group


Board Games (LINC)

From 1:30pm


Tech Club (Music)

R Sawyer

Board Games (LINC)

From 1:30pm


Book club (E7)

H Johnson


Race Game – Maths (M3)

C Mercer (Start after half term)


Ukulele Group (Music)





Inclusive Sports (Sports hall)

M Simmonds


Girls Football (Astro) T Palmer



(Sports hall/courts)

J Phillips


Rugby (Field)

J Wilson


Imagineering (S12)

J Kaye – additional cost involved


Chess Club (LRC)

L Thompson


Wings – Drama

A Arliss (Start after Christmas)

Fitness Classes (Sports hall)

J Wilson (Start after half term)



Hockey (Astro)

R Cole


Boys Football (Astro/field)

D Walker


Gardening Club (HUB)

S Humphreys


Dodgeball (Girls Gym)

S Humphreys

Street Dance-Liz England


Boys Basketball

(Sports hall)

I Akempis/ D Walker



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