Mrs C Walker Head of Department
Mr J Benjamin Teacher of Science in Head of Physics
Mrs L Stephenson Teacher of Science and Head of Biology
Mr P Wallis Teacher of Science and Head of Chemistry
Mr B Hobbs Teacher of Science & KS3 Coordinator
Miss K Stuart (currently on maternity leave) Second in Dept/KS4 Coordinator

Key Stage 3

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 7


Reactions 1

Forces 1

Organisms 1

Genes 1

Matter 1

Earth 1

Energy 1

Ecosystems 1

Electricity 1

Waves 1

Literacy and Numeracy skills

Year 8

Organisms 2

Reactions 2

Electromagnets 2

Matter 2

Earth 2

Forces 2

Energy 2

Ecosystems 2

Genes 2

Waves 2

Investigation skills



Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 9

B1 Cell Biology

P1 Energy 1

P2 Forces 1

C1a Atomic Structure

B2 Organisation 1

C1b The Periodic Table

B2 Organisation 2

C2 Bonding – Structure and Properties of Matter 1

P3 Electricity 1

C2 Bonding – Structure and Properties of Matter 2

C3 Chemistry of the Atmosphere

P4 Forces and Motion 1

Year 10

B3 Infection and Response

C4a Chemical Changes – Reactivity

P5 Waves 1


C4b Chemical Changes –Electrolysis

B4 Bioenergetics

C5 Quantative Chemistry

P6 Atomic Structure 1

C6 Rates of Reaction

B5 Homeostasis and Response

P7 Forces 2



P8 Energy 2



YEAR 10 exams

Year 11

B6 Inheritance, Variation and Evolution.

C7 Organic Chemistry

P9 Particle Model

P10 Atomic Structure 2

C8 Chemical Analysis

P11 Forces and Motion 2

P12 Electricity 2


B7 Ecology

C9 Using Resources

P13 Magnetism and electromagnetism

Revision Exam Leave

GCSE Biology, Chemistry & Physics

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 9 Fundamental Concepts For Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Working Scientifically

Cell Biology




Atomic Structure


The Periodic Table


Bonding – Structure and Properties of Matter

End of Year 9 exam – decision on combined/triple pathway
Year 10

Infection and Response

Chemical Energy Changes

Forces and Motion 1


Chemical Changes – Reactivity & Electrolysis


Waves 1


Quantative Chemistry

Forces 2




Energy 2

Atomic Structure 1

End of Year 10 Mock exams

Year 11


Organic Chemistry

Particle Model


Chemical Analysis

Atomic Structure 2



Chemistry of the Atmosphere

Forces and Motion 2

Ecology 1

Using Resources

Magnetism and electromagnetism

Ecology 2

Chemical Calculations

Waves 2


Exam Leave


Key Stage 3

We recommend the use of BBC Bitesize and SAM Learning. Students should use their exercise book to see which material is relevant and seek help from their teachers if needed.

Key Stage 4

On the HAP (under ‘Permanent Resources’ then ‘Science’ then ‘AQA GCSE’ are both revision booklets and homework booklets. Students have access to the textbooks via Kerboodle and combined revision guides and workbooks are available from the LRC. SAM Learning is also a worthwhile revision resource.

Post 16

Biology A Level

Chemistry A Level

Physics A Level

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