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Key Stage 4

The course is based around the four key concepts of media language, media representations, media industries and media audiences. There will be different themes each year that will be examined, to allow student to apply key ideas and approaches; (past examples have included: video game marketing, music industry print/online, TV crime drama, quiz shows, advertising in print/ online. You will study a range of close study products for each media form and practise applying key terminology.

70% of your final grade will be TWO examinations, which will include extended writing.

  • Paper 1 – focuses on media language and representation & contributes 35% towards your final grade.
  • Paper 2 – focuses on media language, representation, audiences and industries and contexts of the media. You would be expected to analyse unseen media products, apply theoretical frameworks and their contexts. This exam is also worth 35% of your final grade.

The final 30% of the grade is made up of non-exam assessment (NEA), which is producing a media product for a specified audience.

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Media Studies A Level

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