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Key Stage 3

Throughout Key Stage 3, the students complete 7 modules in Year 7 and again in Year 8.

Year 7




Resistant Materials Students focus on pewter casting and making a key ring. They develop skills to use specific hand tools to make their finished project. They learn the health and safety regulations that are required in a workshop and how to use the tools in a safe and appropriate manner.

The focus is healthy eating with students understanding how we can use the ‘eat well’ guide and applying their knowledge to making some products.

They will make muffins, spring rolls, pizza and cheesecake, building the confidence and skills to follow a recipe and work independently (see recipes for Years 7 & 8).

Graphic Products Students make a blister package as a final product. Through the design process, they analyse and evaluate while developing their rendering and typography skills to make their final product.
Fashion and Textiles Students use a range of textiles machinery and processes. Their final product will allow them to use their creative ability and experience a range of finishing techniques that can be applied to their completed drawstring bag.
Year 8 Resistant Materials Building on their skills from Year 7, students produce a wooden box, working with a variety of materials. They apply their own design to the product while developing specific techniques related to making commercially viable products.
Food Students focus on multi-cultural foods and develop an understanding of food provenance and the importance of seasonality. They extend their skills by producing more technically challenging dishes from around the world. Students are encouraged to research and develop recipes to showcase their capability, such as curry, burgers and rolls, pasta-based dishes and shortcrust pastry  (see recipes for Years 7 & 8).
Graphic Products Stretching the students into Year 8, they design and make a net package for a chocolate box. They extend the skills they developed in Year 7 to create a more technical product and have a greater understanding of logos and branding.
Fashion and Textiles By the end of the rotation, students will have produced a wallpaper sample, building on their knowledge of where and how textiles are used in the fashion industry. They will continue to work with the sewing machine to produce a t-shirt with an applied decoration. The focus is on sustainable fashion and the impact of ‘fast fashion’.


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