It’s more than just working with numbers

Numeracy is the mathematical equivalent of Literacy. Numeracy is not simply the ability to calculate with numbers and symbols. It has a broader definition and involves the wider uses of mathematics in our lives. It encompasses the ability to put mathematical knowledge and skills to functional use as well as the ability to pose and solve mathematical problems in a variety of situations and having the interest and motivation to do so.

Numeracy at Myton School

At Myton, we believe that every student has the capability to develop their Numeracy skills. Teachers at Myton try to take every opportunity to help students with this, regardless of their subject area, by working towards a common set of guidelines. These have been developed by the Numeracy Coordinator, with support from the Mathematics Department and in liaison with staff across all other departments, and have also been agreed by the school’s governing body.

Numeracy Counts @ Myton

Numeracy Counts at Myton

The Numeracy Counts @ Myton branding acts as a reminder for both staff and students to think about how and when they use Numeracy in their lessons. This has also been incorporated into a joint venture with the Literacy push for ‘A Book in Every Bag’, with dozens of maths books – factual and fictional – being added to the LRC’s collection and posters being used in every classroom to help promote the Numeracy and Literacy aims.

numeracy poster

Accelerated Progress – Numeracy

In addition to the seven hours per fortnight of maths  that all Key Stage 3 & 4 students receive at Myton, a small group of students also receive an extra five hours of maths a fortnight, in the form of Additional Numeracy. In these additional lessons, students cover mainstream topics in more detail, focus on knowledge gaps missed at primary school and work on their problem solving skills.

How can I help my child improve their Numeracy?

The easiest way to help your child is to engage them with number-related activities. These might be calculations with money, talking about bills, finding the best deals, etc. Numeracy is largely about using maths to solve problems, and reasoning, which can come into so many things that adults often take for granted, but that are perhaps not so obvious for a teenager.

The leaflet, How Can I Help My Child At Home? contains some ideas and suggestions of ways you can support your child with developing their numeracy skills.

In October 2015, we ran the first information evening for Numeracy for Year 7 parents, the information from which can be found here: Numeracy Presentation to Parents 7th Oct 15. This information is relevant to any age student.

Assessing Numeracy in Year 7

What we mean by ‘developing’, ‘secure’ and ‘exceeding’ in Year 7

Online resources

The following sites are useful for helping to develop Numeracy with children and adults, and some should be familiar to your child from their maths lessons too. (school login is ‘myton’, password is ‘reciprocal’) (your child can get their login from their maths teacher) (activities for families to do together) (support for adults to develop their own numeracy skills)

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