Accelerated Reader program

Our Year 7 students follow the Accelerated Reader program to ensure they make progress in reading and develop a love of books.

How the program works

First of all you take a STAR reading test to work out your reading age and ZPD range. Your ZPD (Zone of Proximal Development) is the difficulty range that you should be choosing books from in order to make the most progress with your reading.

Then you choose and read a book, either from the school library, from home, or from the public library. The first book you read should be at the lowest point on your ZPD range, moving to more difficult books by scoring 85% or higher on quizzes. For example, if your ZPD range is 2.2-3.2, your first book should be at level 2.2. When you’ve finished your book you go to the website and take a quiz about the book, which you should aim to complete within 24 hours.

If you score 85-95%, this is ideal. If you score below 80%, read an easier or shorter book next time. If you score above 90%, aim to read something more difficult and/or longer.

You and your teacher get feedback based on your quiz results. Your teacher uses this to help you set targets and choose your next book.

How to log in to Renaissance Home Connect

  1. Go to the website
  2. Enter your normal user name and password that you use in school and log in.

You can use this website to keep track of your quiz scores, but quizzes can only be completed at school through the link on the intranet.

accelerated reader

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