GCSE Revision

Revision of core subjects

GCSE Maths Revision

GCSE English Language and English Literature Revision

GCSE Science Revision


If your child is in Year 10 or 11 they have already been registered with GCSEPod for English Language and Literature, so all they need to do is activate their account by following the instructions below. If your child has already activated but can’t remember their username and password, please ask them to contact a member of staff.

  • Go to gcsepod.com and click “Login” in the top right-hand corner
  • Click “New here?  Get started.”
  • Select “Student”
  • Enter your child’s name, date of birth and the school name.
  • Create a username, password (use the same as their regular network school login)

Revision of option subjects

Please go to the subjects index for revision information and advice by subject.

Recommended revision materials to buy

See a list of recommended books for sale on Amazon

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