Examination results

Exam results 2017-18

We are delighted with another year of outstanding results; our best ever in fact. In English, 85% of our Year 11s gained grades 9-4 (A*-C) and in maths it was 81%. An impressive 32% of our students gained grades 9-7 (A*/A) in English and 27% in maths. Science built on previous successes with over 75% of students gaining at least two grades 9-4 and over 20% gaining two grades 9-7.

At A Level, we have maintained our performance in line with the top 25%-30% of sixth forms in the country and our Year 13 students have all gone to very desirable destinations.

GCSE results

We are very pleased to report that this year sees some of our best ever GCSE results.

76% of our Year 11 students were awarded a grade 4 or better in both English and maths and 54% gained a grade 5 and above in both subjects. An impressive 8% of our students gained a coveted grade 9 in their English, and 7% achieved a grade 9 in their maths.

Press release – Myton School GCSE results 2018

A level results

We are delighted for our 130 A level students this year, whose hard work has led to some top class results.

Over a quarter of all grades were A* or A and over three quarters were A* to C.

Press release – Myton School A Levels 2018

Exam results 2016-17

A level results

We are delighted that 95% of our students achieved 3 A level passes this year ensuring an exceptional number gaining entry to their University of choice. In doing so, 27% of all the A Level grades awarded were A* or A, over 80% A*-C and the overall pass rate was 100%. In addition to the three A Levels gained by 95% of our students, many also gained the Extended Project qualification, a research and analysis based study identified by Universities as excellent preparation for higher education. A combination of excellent teaching and outstanding support from our Sixth Form team has inspired our students to work hard and we are proud that at Myton our year 13s leave us so well prepared for University, apprenticeships or the workplace.

Press release – Myton School A Levels 2017

GCSE results

We are delighted that in this year of change at GCSE, nearly 75% of our Year 11 students at Myton School were awarded a grade 4 or better in both English and maths. These new style GCSEs are more demanding than their predecessors and we would like to congratulate all our students, staff and parents for their hard work in preparing our Year 11s for this first year of reformed qualifications. We wish all our students well in their next steps in education. Special mention goes to the 8% of students who gained a coveted grade 9 in their English this year, a grade reserved for the very highest achievers with only 2%-3% awarded nationally.

Press release – Myton School GCSEs 2017

Peformance tables

You can view our performance and compare it with other schools on the DfE website

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