Year 10 tutor groups

Head of Year

Miss Laura Reece – email: 

Emailing us

We aim to respond to all email messages within 2-3 working days, or more quickly if at all possible. Please bear in mind when emailing teaching staff that they may have a busy teaching timetable that day and/or may work part-time.

Tutor Group Tutors Email
B7 Mr S Cleaver
B8 Miss A Arliss & Mrs K Ben Amor
G7 Mrs H Gunn
G8 Mr P Wallis & Mr A Rosenbaum
L7 Dr A Sarjeant & Mrs R Bellisario
L8 Mr E Pryce
M7 Mr G Whiting & Mr K McRoy
M8 Miss S Patel & Ms D Hotten
O7 Mr J Batchelor
O8 Mrs K Collings & Dr J Menezes


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