About the Learning Resource Centre

Myton is proud to have an excellent Learning Resource Centre situated at the heart of the school and housing around 25,000 items catalogued on the library system.

We are open every day:

  • Mon-Thurs – 8am-4pm
  • Fri – 8am-3.45pm

Please be aware that the LRC is currently only open for Year 7 lessons and Year 12 independent study.

There is seating for up to 75 students, and teaching staff are welcome to book the LRC for class sessions on research, reading, or information handling skills at any time. We have a team of student librarians who are trained in resource organisation, customer service and the day-to-day administration of the library system.

Everyone is welcome to use the LRC at any time. It is an optional venue for Sixth Form private study and students are welcome to come for authorised visits during lesson time, individually or in groups. The LRC is open after school when pupils can enjoy using the LRC facilities, or simply relax!

How many items can I borrow?

Find out more about borrowing items from the LRC

What shall I read?

We’ve put together a number of reading lists, arranged by subject to help you with your choice.

Can I log in to my library account from home?

Yes, you can access your library account even when you are out of school. If you don’t know your username and password, come along to the LRC and we will be able to provide them.

The LRC shop

The LRC offers a photocopying facility (cash copies only) and has a shop selling maths equipment and other items of stationery. See a list of what we sell in the LRC shop

Book events

The LRC takes a lead in facilitating independent learning and reading for pleasure with both staff and students. Find out more about the book events that we run

Get in touch


The LRC is run by Mrs Lucy Thompson (email: thompson.l@myton.co.uk) and Mrs Claire Drage (email: drage.c@myton.co.uk).

Email address for suggestions and enquiries  lrc@myton.co.uk.

Or follow us on Twitter: @Myton_LRC

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