Welcome from your new Head of House

At Myton we have five houses and each one has a Head of House. They wanted to welcome you to Myton and tell you a little bit about their house.


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Mrs Wyatt – wyatt.s@myton.co.uk

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In Beauchamp House, our core value is responsibility. We aim to show this in all areas of our school day, such as being responsible for our own actions and demonstrating responsible behaviour and learning around school. We all work together to help everyone else in school learn this vital life skill too. I look forward to meeting you all in September.


Mr Wilson – wilson.j@myton.co.uk

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Greville House’s focus is community. Being part of a community is one of the most important aspects of your school years. It is where you learn, where you help other, where you have a laugh and where you look back and remember. In Greville we aim to make all communities in and around our school to feel welcome and appreciated. This helps us all develop into aspirational and determined members of society.


Mr Stone – stone.p@myton.co.uk

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I am proud to say that I have been Head of Leycester House since we started using houses in our tutor system at Myton. Hundreds of students have passed through my house and we instil the same values year in and year out. We strive to achieve the best we can, we are courteous, polite, and kind to each other. I like to think that any student in Leycester has a sense of pride for being part of such a great house.


Mr Hibbard – hibbard.j@myton.co.uk

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Montgomery House is named after Field Marshal Montgomery, famous as a soldier in the British army during World War 2. Our main focus is respect. Respect for ourselves as individuals, respect for each other and also respect for the school and those around us.


Mr Apostol – oken@myton.co.uk

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In Oken House, our focus is determination. We are determined to be the best versions of ourselves. We don’t always get this right, but we never give up, and where we do make mistakes, we learn from them and try again.

Here are my two most important rules for Oken students:

  • We treat others how we want to be treated ourselves.
  • We try our personal best at everything we do. (This doesn’t mean you need to get an A*; it just means being able to look yourselves and your parents in the eye and know that you tried your best.)

If you can do both of these things, then you are a true Okenite. I can’t wait to welcome you and your families to Oken House.

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