Welcome back to all the staff and students who went on the Year 8 trip to Barcelona between 4-9 July.

Here’s what Faith Tooze in Leycester House had to say about the trip:

“Barcelona was one of the best trips I’ve been on with Myton because it was a great learning experience; we learnt about Spanish culture, landmarks (like La Sagrada Familia) and learnt about Spanish history in Girona as well as more helpful vocabulary.

Additionally, it was a lot of fun as we had lots of free time in various phenomenal places, met new people in our year and created memories with teachers and students.

Some observations I made were the amount of detail in ancient buildings such as the cathedrals Gaudi designed and the sudden change between city and scenery. Also how quickly they spoke but how I was still able to understand them sometimes as well as a basic understanding of signs.

My favourite activities on the trip were playing on the beach, visiting Girona and Waterworld.”

Peter Stone, Head of Leycester House and Teacher of Spanish, said: “A big thank you to all the staff who helped make the trip so successful. The students were a credit to themselves and the school.”

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