The Inclusion & SEND Team at Myton

The Development Centre

Mrs A Compton


I am the Associate Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo).

  • I oversee and implement all provision for students on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) register.
  • I complete all Annual Reviews, Statement, and Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) meetings and liaise with numerous outside agencies and the Local Authority – SENDAR – to maximise the amount of support that we can offer.
  • I work very closely with the Integrated Disability Support (IDS) Autism Support team.
  • I provide staff with strategies and support for SEND students to use within their classrooms.
  • I can also offer pastoral support to both students and their families through the Early Help process.

Mrs H Bilkhu


I am the Inclusion and Development Centre Administrator.

  • I am the initial point of contact for students; parents/carers; outside agencies and professionals who call or come to the Development Centre.
  • I provide admin support for the department.
  • I minute Student Action Meetings.
  • I update Student Strategies & School Notes onto our system.
  • I support exam provision and access arrangements in the Development Centre.
  • I provide guidance & help to SEND students and their parents/carers.

Mrs L McWhirter


I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant who focuses on classroom learning support for students with high needs.

  • I can help your son/daughter to learn as effectively as possible both in group situations and on his/her own, helping them to concentrate on and finish work set.
  • I also help meet your child’s physical needs as required whilst encouraging independence.
  • I establish a constructive relationship with the student and interact with them according to individual needs.
  • I am patient, understanding, approachable, inspirational and enthusiastic.
  • I promote self-esteem and the delivery of quality learning to raise the standard of achievement for all, whilst enjoying their time in school.

Mr M Simmons


I am the Teaching Assistant for Disability (First Aid Trained).

  • I can help your son/daughter access the curriculum and school buildings.
  • I am Early Help trained and assist with providing support for students and their families.
  • I run an Inclusion Sports and wheelchair basketball club after school for students from Myton and other schools.
  • I can help your son/daughter try new and interesting sports and activities.
  • I work with lots of outside agencies to help enhance your son/daughter’s experience of Myton.
  • I provide Time to Talk/Mentoring, giving emotional support to students.
  • I assist students with disabilities on school trips both in this country and abroad.

Mr P Somers


I am a Teaching Assistant for learning, behaviour and disability.

  • I can help your son/daughter with support in class in all areas of the curriculum.
  • I provide access and support to the curriculum for students with learning and disability needs.
  • I am Early Help trained and a Lead Practitioner, providing and facilitating internal and external support for students and their parents/carers.
  • I also liaise with outside agencies for specific provision.
  • I provide Time to Talk/ Mentoring, giving emotional support to students.
  • I am a Key Worker for some of our students.
  • I offer extra-curricular activities such as the Inclusion Sports Club.

Mr A Denethorn


I am a Teaching Assistant focusing on additional Numeracy provision.

  • My main role is to provide classroom support within the Maths Department and to give additional group or one-to-one lessons for those students (particularly in Year 7) who struggle with understanding Maths.
  • I also provide support to help the students keep themselves organised, as well as attending to their emotional needs to ensure that their experience at Myton is both productive and enjoyable.

Mrs S Khara


As a Teaching Assistant, my primary role is to support your son/daughter with their educational and social development both in and out of the classroom.

  • I help students to complete their tasks according to the class teacher’s expectations.
  • I use a variety of techniques to make their tasks easier and more achievable.
  • I motivate and encourage students, giving them confidence to attain their set targets and be fully involved in the classroom and social activities.
  • I have a background in Maths and can help with this curriculum subject.

I believe I can help each student to achieve a high standard of work at Myton.

Miss I De Juan


I am a Teaching Assistant focused on support within the classroom across the curriculum for all key stages.

  • I aim to help your child achieve their full potential and enjoy their time in school.
  • I will help with your child’s educational and social development and support them with their individual needs.
  • I am supportive, friendly and patient.
  • I will help the students feel like the school environment as a good place to be.
  • I will always listen to them in order to help increase their self-esteem.

Mr M Smith

I am a Teaching Assistant:

  • I specialise in supporting students with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • I am a good listener and I like to encourage students to achieve their full potential regardless of the barriers that they face on a day to day basis.
  • I am flexible in the way that I support the students’ needs, allowing them as much independence during the school day as possible.
  • I am always happy to help.

Miss E Pickering

I am a Teaching Assistant and I will:

  • Always help your son/daughter achieve their goals, both personal and educational.
  • Support their educational development as well as their individual needs.
  • Help them to feel happy, secure and confident within Myton School.
  • Work alongside students with hearing impairments, ensuring all lessons are fully accessible to them and making sure they are happy and settled in Myton.

Mr R Matthews

I am a Teaching Assistant focused on support within the classroom across the curriculum.

  • I am a patient, understanding and enthusiastic person.
  • I encourage, praise, and help each student to be the best they can be so that they are motivated to achieve all of their objectives.
  • I encourage students to have a go at everything, be independent, which in turn nurtures their self-esteem, confidence and independence.
  • I encourage students to work with others, by doing group work, and so develop strong social skills with their peers.
  • I establish positive relationships with students and interact with them according to their individual needs.

Mrs A Santos

I am a Teaching Assistant and my main objective is to provide educational, emotional and social support to your son/daughter, in and out of classes, always aiming for the best school experience possible.

  • I help students understand and engage with the school curriculum across all areas.
  • I provide support to students in attaining their goals and objectives.
  • I have a background in Psychology and am very interested in how to ensure the best educational, behavioural, social and emotional development for your son/daughter.
  • I am very calm, patient and understanding, with a very open and supportive nature.

Mr M Mara

I am a Teaching Assistant helping students both in and out of lessons across all areas of the curriculum.

  • My main role involves providing classroom support to students, ensuring that they are up to speed with the lesson content, and able to work independently in class.
  • I also help to ensure that all students feel supported, and are able to express themselves with confidence.
  • I help to establish good communication skills for your son/daughter, so that they feel comfortable addressing any questions or issues they may be having at school.

Mrs E Leonard

As a Teaching Assistant my role is to support your child’s access to all areas of the curriculum in the classroom.

  • I will encourage your child to be confident, develop their social skills and motivate them to achieve their best possible work.
  • I am understanding, supportive, friendly and patient.
  • I support students with their individual needs.
  • It is important to me that your child enjoys their time here at Myton and that they feel part of the school environment.

Ms T Mulligan

I am a Teaching Assistant and a specialist teacher of English.

  • I provide support in the classroom across the curriculum for all years.
  • I support students with a range of social skills.
  • I can help your son/daughter to feel confident and happy within the school environment.
  • I support students with their individual needs.

English as an Additional Language

Mrs R Bellisario


I am a Higher Level Teaching Assistant with a main focus in English as an Additional Language.

My focus is to support students whose first language is not English. My responsibilities are:

  • To establish positive relationships with students and parents/carers to assist student progress and attainment and support the ethos of the school.
  • To teach phonics, reading and writing skills, within an environment that embraces an understanding of the cultural and emotional barriers to learning that EAL students will face.
  • To offer classroom support/ help with homework/ translation/ differentiation/pre-teaching of challenging topics.

I am also Early Help trained. My ultimate goal is for the EAL students to feel secure, respected and supported, so that school can be an enjoyable place for them. Academically they need to be able to access the curriculum and be independent as quickly as possible.

Mrs A Khan


I am a Teaching Assistant helping students to achieve their best if English is not their first language.  I can especially help them with:

  • Their individual language needs, in order to achieve their personal best.
  • Accessing appropriate aid, in support of their curriculum.
  • Settling into their new environment, both educationally and emotionally.
  • Everyday survival skills for navigating the local British culture and customs.

I also support parents and foster carers, whose English is limited, to better help their own children.
I am also a Key Worker for some of our EAL students.

The Hub

Mr S Apostol

I am the Senior Behaviour Manager and work with all students in The HUB.

  • I lead a team who work with selected students to provide additional support to enable them to achieve their full potential. Working in collaboration with parents and teachers and outside agencies, we will develop strategies to help your son/daughter to fully integrate into the Myton community.
  • I lead the anti-bullying work (pro-kindness and wellbeing policy).
  • I also lead the Duke of Edinburgh award and expeditions at the school.

Mr M Hancock, Mr S Humphreys & Miss S Montague


  • We all work with selected students to provide additional support to enable them to achieve their full potential.
  • Working in collaboration with parents and teachers, we will develop strategies to help your son/daughter to fully integrate into the Myton community.
  • Mr M Hancock is also part of the school safeguarding team.
  • Mr M Hancock & Mr S Humphreys are Early Help trained.

Mrs C Durden

I am the school’s Work Related Learning Co-ordinator and I:

  • Arrange and monitor all Alternative Provision for our students who attend offsite provision.
  • Offer mentoring of students and family support for those needing additional help.
  • Am a key worker to a number of students.
  • Oversee 1:1 tuition for students accessing additional English, Maths & Science.
  • Assist in writing EHCP (Education, Health and Care plan) applications for challenging students.
  • Organise careers events, such as practice interviews & careers fairs.
  • Offer pastoral support to both students and their families through the Early Help process.

Safeguarding: student welfare & attendance

Mrs C Haines


I am the Student Welfare Manager.

  • I provide emotional wellbeing, including arranging counselling, mentoring or outside agency support.
  • I am in charge of Safeguarding – please contact me if you have concerns or worries about a young person and fear they may be at risk of physical, emotional or sexual abuse or concerns about neglect.
  • I oversee Early Help intervention to support students and families, so if you feel a family needs some extra support please let me know.
  • I give support to young carers and can direct out-of-school support.
  • I run ‘Positive Parenting Programme’ groups specifically for parents of teenagers.
  • I manage Student Support – please ask for registration advice.
  • If a student may benefit from counselling I can support access to various agencies, eg Relate, Journeys, COMPASS and our school counsellor.
  • I deal with all attendance concerns and liaise with Warwickshire’s Attendance, Compliance and Enforcement (ACE) Service.

Mrs K Adkins


I work in Student Support as a Student Welfare Officer.

  • My main aim is to help your son/daughter enjoy school.
  • I work in Child Protection.
  • At Student Support we look after all non-prescribed & prescribed medication, eg inhalers, epi pens, diabetic medication, painkillers, etc including Care Plans.
  • We help students with any queries regarding school – timetables, lost property, etc.
  • We contact parents/carers if a student is unwell or if we have a concern.
  • We give First Aid where necessary.
  • If your son/daughter is upset we will assist & try to help resolve their problem.
  • We relay messages from parents and staff to students.
  • We also investigate every report related to bullying.
  • As a team, we work with Heads of House, Heads of Department and the Behaviour Team.

Mrs S Williams & Mrs K Dulley


We work in Student Support.

  • We help students with any queries regarding the school day, for example timetables, lost property, lockers, etc.
  • We contact parents/carers if a student is unwell.
  • We give First Aid where necessary.
  • We look after all medication brought into school.
  • We take absence messages and monitor attendance.
  • We relay messages from parents and staff to students.
  • We help your son/daughter enjoy their time at Myton.

Mrs J Wray

I am the School Counsellor and I provide students with a safe, confidential space in which to explore their feelings. This includes:

  • One-to-one counselling for students on a regular basis.
  • Emergency appointments.
  • Email/Skype counselling.
  • Provision of pyscho-social education in areas such as low self-esteem, anxiety, loss, family tension, change.
  • Provision of workshops to students in areas such as stress, relaxation, anxiety.

Referrals can be made through the Student Welfare Manager, Head of House, by the parent/carer or the young person can self-refer.

Outside agency & external professional support

Mr R Liney


I am from Round Oak School and am the main link working with Myton School. I offer advice on:

  • Behaviour
  • ADD: Attention Deficit Disorder
  • ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Autism – ASD: Autistic Spectrum Disorders; Aspergers
  • I carry out assessments of students with learning and behaviour concerns.
  • I also now assist with access arrangements and University SEND reports if necessary.
  • I work with staff in the Development Centre / The Hub / Student Action Meetings.
  • I suggest classroom strategies to assist with any learning barrier.
  • I help with differentiation of work.
  • I provide after-school training for staff.

Miss J Harvey

I am the school’s Educational Psychologist.

  • I work closely with parents/carers, school staff and outside agencies to provide strategies and support for students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.
  • I provide individual assessment and intervention for students around learning and/or behaviour.
  • I work with school staff to give advice on building capacity within school to meet student needs.
  • I often attend annual reviews and Early Help meetings, working as part of a team around the child.
  • I have a particular interest in autism and/or challenging behaviour.

Accelerated Literacy

Miss H Calvert

I am the Head of Accelerated Literacy (KS3 & KS4).

  • I am trained as a secondary-level English teacher and in the delivery of Fresh Start, a phonics intervention programme designed to help struggling readers and writers in Year 7 and 8 catch up and achieve the expected levels in reading and writing for secondary school.
  • I work closely with the Accelerated Literacy co-ordinator to ensure that lessons and resources are tailored to the needs of Key Stage 3 students who attend the Fresh Start programme and the humanities-themed literacy lessons.
  • I monitor the Accelerated Literacy provision offered at Key Stage 4, including Step Up to English and Functional Skills, in conjunction with the English department and the Accelerated Literacy Co-ordinator.

Miss H Burton


I am an Accelerated Literacy Teacher.

  • My role as Accelerated Literacy teacher is to deliver a phonics-based learning scheme to help students gain confidence in their reading. This then leads to improved comprehension skills and helps to develop writing skills too.
  • In lessons, students also work hard on improving spelling, punctuation and grammar skills, alongside handwriting and presentation skills, taking pride in their work.
  • Accelerated Literacy lessons take place in a nurturing classroom with small groups of students where everyone works together to develop their learning.

Mrs L McRoy

I am an Accelerated Literacy Teacher.

  • My main role is to deliver the Fresh Start curriculum to help students achieve their academic potential, by improving their ability and confidence in Literacy.
  • I work in a nurturing classroom, with smaller classes of students and make sure the learning is relevant to the individual child and their needs.
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