Myton School’s Behaviour Policy

Myton School’s ‘Behaviour for Life’ policy has 10 attributes which we believe contribute to making young people successful at school and in the workplace. We constantly remind students of these habits and reward their application. When we discuss students’ performance at school we will phrase it in terms of these habits.

Parents/carers will receive emails which detail rewards received and, if necessary, alert you if habits have not been applied.

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Letter to parents regarding Learning Habits

Young people must be

This means displaying the following attributes

Students will, for example:


Grit and Tenacity · Be resilient and finish tasks started
· Understand the value of work
· Learn to take positives from mistakes made
· Work independently and be solutions focused
Self-Control · Pay attention and resist distractions
· Be responsible and organise themselves. Follow the checklist
· Remember and follow directions
· Get to work right away without procrastinating and time wasting
· Remain calm even when criticised
· Listen carefully and without interruption. Aim to understand what is said
· Make the right choices – safe and responsible behaviour
Curiosity · Be eager to explore new things
· Be willing to try new experiences and meet new people
· Ask and answer questions to deepen understanding
· Take the initiative and lead others


Enthusiasm and Zest · Actively participate
· Show enthusiasm and keenness
· Invigorate and inspire others
Gratitude · Recognise and show appreciation for others
· Recognise and show appreciation and be grateful for their own opportunities
Confidence and
· Be resourceful in finding ways to succeed
· Pursue dreams and goals
Creativity · Identify, think through and develop new ideas

Emotionally Intelligent

Humility · Reflect on their own performance objectively and fairly
· Find solutions and avoid conflict with others
Respect and
Good Manners
· Demonstrate respect for the feelings of others
· Know when and how to include others
· Be polite to adults and peers
· Take responsibility for their own learning and happiness, and for those around them
· Respect and follow the rules of the School
Sensitivity to local,
national and
international issues
· Be aware of pressing local, national and international issues and form well informed and reasoned opinions.


Anti bullying


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