Information on the examination procedure 2016-2017


Please check the dates and sessions (AM or PM) of your examinations very carefully. Also check that where applicable you are entered for the correct tier, ie Foundation or Higher. Practical/Speaking test examinations will be arranged by your teacher and you will be advised in due course. The exam dates are set by the exam boards and cannot be changed for any reason.


  • Morning examinations start at 8.50am prompt.
  • Afternoon examinations start at 1.30pm prompt.

It is very important that you arrive at least 15 minutes early for your examinations. If you are late for your examination there is a possibility you will not be allowed entry into the examination room.

Candidate Name and Number

Every candidate has a four-digit number that they must write on all exam-related materials. Candidates are entered under their legal surname and this is the name which will appear on certificates.

Examination Clashes

The school will re-schedule papers internally (on the same day) where there is a clash of subjects.


Exams will be held in the Upper School Hall or Girls’ Gym, unless you are advised differently. From the moment you enter the exam room you are under exam conditions and you must not communicate with anyone else.

Mobile phones

You must make sure your mobile phone is switched off and not on your person, if caught with it on you; you could be disqualified from the exam and possibly the whole qualification.


If you are really ill on the day of your examination, you must contact the school and leave a message for Mrs Stockley (Examinations Manager – Tel 01926 405 713) to say why you will not be attending your examination. You must also obtain a doctor’s note stating that you were unfit to take the exam. Without a doctor’s note you will not get a grade and will be charged for the exam fee.

Food and Drink

You are not permitted to bring any food into the examination room. Any food you do bring will have to be confiscated. You are only permitted to drink water and it must be in a transparent container (labels must be taken off water bottles), no cartons or cans. It is advisable to have a bottle with a sports cap to prevent it spilling on your exam paper.


You will be given a timetable before your exams which will have your seat number for each exam so please ensure you know where you are sitting. A floor plan will be on display outside the Exams Office.


The school employs external invigilators to conduct the examinations. Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards all invigilators and follow their instructions at all times.

Anti bullying


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