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What is SAM Learning?

SAM Learning supporting GCSE

Why use SAM Learning?

  • SAM Learning can help you get better exam results by giving you tailor made revision, improvement, language listening, and passage question activities
  • You can practise answering real exam questions and then look at your answers through the eyes of an examiner to see how they would score your paper. You may be surprised to find out where you can easily gain extra marks!
  • You can check what you know with topic by topic revision exercises where you drag and drop the answers on screen
  • You can discover how to complete exams within the time limit, and how to make the best use of all the time available to you.
  • You can compete against your friends, log task hours and check your progress
  • You can also access your learner account from any computer with internet access at any time

Logging on

The SAM Learning website is at You can access it at home by typing this into the URL bar or at school by clicking on SAM Learning on the intranet menu.

When you get to the Home page, you will need to fill in the login area at the top right of the screen.

The school centre ID is CV34MS.

Your use ID format is your date of birth followed by your initials e.g. 160795JW is the user ID for Jonathan Wells with a birthday 16th July 1995.

The first time you use SAM Learning, your password is the same as your User ID but you can change this if you wish. Ask Mrs Dodson to reset your password if you have changed it and forgotten it!

It is very important to log out at the end of the session either by closing down the browser of by clicking the logout button. If you don’t, other people may be able to access your details. You can then select your Key Stage, select a subject, select a topic and decide on the type of activity you want to do.


Revise activities

A revise activity checks your knowledge and understanding of topics you have covered in class. They’re also a great way to ‘warm up’ before tackling an exam practice or exam paper.

It is a small group of questions that will test your knowledge with each subject broken down into manageable chunks so you can see your progress in a series of small steps. All you have to do is drag the correct answer onto the box of the same colour and if you are right, you’ll get a mark and move onto the next page.  Once you have finished a revise exercise, you will see your final score and it will be recorded. Your score reflects the proportion you got right the first time but you can do it again at any time, to get a better score! A typical activity duration is 10 minutes.

Revise+ activities

A Revise+ activity is a new type of revise question. They still cover all the areas as Revise but will have an updated look and feel. These activities help you revise key facts using a range of different activities to keep your interest.

There are many different interaction types in a typical exercise ranging from dropdown menus, free text entry, linking related statement, multiple choice, drag and drop and drag-able sliders. However in all cases, once you have selected your answer you need to click the Submit button for your answers to be checked. If you are correct, the Next button at the bottom right of the screen will become active and you can progress to the next screen. If your choice was incorrect you will be given hints and need to re-submit different answers until you have answered correctly. A typical activity duration is 10 minutes.

Improve activities

An Improve activity breaks down topics into manageable chunks. They are useful in helping you overcome any difficulties with a subject as you can go right back to the beginning and build your knowledge in small steps.

Most of the questions are free form, where you have to input what you think is the correct answer.  A typical activity duration is 3 minutes.

Language listening activities

This is a way of allowing you to practise listening to the language spoken by a person from the country of the language you are learning. You can replay the piece as often as you want and even phrase by phrase until you are sure you understand the individual words.

After listening to a sample of a conversation you will have a question screen where there will be a drag and drop answer on the sheet and you score reflects the proportion you got right the first time. The typical activity duration is 5 to 10 minutes.

Test questions

A test question is an exam-style question that allows you to practise just the material that is contained in the sub topic. A timer makes sure you can answer the question within the time allowed in the exam.

Once you have answered the question, click on Mark My Work to see if you were correct and whether you gave all the information required by the examiner. Examiners also give you hints in this section and clicking in the box next to the correct answer will give you your final mark. Typical activity duration is 10 to 20 minutes.

Exam Papers

This is a full paper which allows you to practise all the techniques you have learnt and test whether you have all the facts at your finger tips. You answer the questions by typing on screen or you can work on paper as you would in a real exam. A timer makes sure you can answer the question within the time allowed.

Once you have answered the question click on Mark My Work to see if you were correct and whether you gave all the information required by the examiner. Next to each question is a set of boxes and your marks will depend on how well you answered the question. Examiners also give hints in this section. Typical exam length is between 60 and 120 minutes.

Passage Questions

Some exams give you a resource sheet. This sheet is not interactive and does not contain any questions. The revise or examination type questions may ask about the content of the passage or it may contain useful information or formulae to help you. When you open the passage you will need to read through the information, remember it then go on to do the revise exercises or exams attached to it.



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